Man making faces during Dutere's inauguration revealed

Man making faces during Dutere's inauguration revealed

- A guy winked and made faces to the camera during the live inauguration of President Rodrigo Duterte

- He has now gone viral as "the funny guy" at the inauguration

- He was first seen smiling at the camera while among the audience at the last PiliPinas Presidential Debates

President Rodrigo Duterte took his oath of office at exactly 12 PM on June 30, as mandated by the Philippine Constitution.

But while waiting for the official time of oath-taking, there was around 15 minutes of lull time in the live program.

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Fortunately for this guy though, he found something better to do with his waiting time -- make funny faces on nationwide TV!

In case you missed his 15 seconds of fame, here he is in his glorious funny faces!

So who is this guy?

He's Alexis Lumbatan, a Davao-based lawyer who has been working with Duterte's sons Paolo and Baste for nine years.

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"I am a happy person, simula noong maliit pa ako. Gusto ko good vibes lang," said Lumbatan in a phone interview with ABS-CBN News.

(I am a happy person, since I was a kid. I want to spread good vibes.)

Lumbatan said he wanted to spread cheer among the viewers while they waited for the program to start. He clarified though that he was well-behaved for the rest of the solemn rites.

"Well, naghihintay kami lahat, I was thinking ibang tao dun, happy mood nila. So sana may maiambag ako, pa-good vibes na lang," added Lumbatan.

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(Well, we were all waiting, I was thinking people are in a happy mood. So I wanted to contribute to the good vibes.)

Lumbatan said he felt privileged to be one of the lawyers for the Duterte family. He also campaigned for the Davao bet.


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