Terrible relationship advices you get from movies

Terrible relationship advices you get from movies

- Movies are work of fiction and should not be taken seriously no matter how relatable the characters or the plot is 

- Films are not the best sources of relationship advice

- Some people commit mistakes by following advices from movies

Terrible relationship advices you get from movies

Hollywood has a plethora of bad dating and relationship advice to offer. Proof of which are the number of ridiculous scenes and ludicrous dialogues that plagued romantic-comedy movies and sappy, drama films. Romance movies are flawed big time as far as storylines go, and to turn to Hollywood for relationship advice is the worst decision you will ever make.

For starters, Hollywood will have you believe that it is completely okay to dodge security and have your girl’s flight delayed just so you can stop her from leaving you. It will also make you believe that it is okay to be the irresponsible jerk that you currently are because girls fall for guys who do not have a future anyway. Hollywood teaches you that despite your many obvious flaws, including your being a first-grade irredeemable asshole, girls will still think that you are a boyfriend material because deep down your shithead character hides a romantic guy who cares about stray kittens.

Here are some of the terrible lessons on love and relationships that Hollywood has been throwing lavishly around for years.

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You Should Stand Outside Windows with a Boom Box

The scene where John Cusack stands outside the window of his ex-girlfriend’s house while holding a boom box is considered as one of the most iconic scenes in romance films. This sort of gesture is sweet if your ex lives in the 1980s. The reality is that you cannot just stand outside her house with a boom box playing your favorite song in an attempt to get her back.

Think about her neighbors. Think about the embarrassment you will give her for playing every cheesy David Pomeranz song you have on your list. Lastly, think about the rap sheet you will be getting for noise pollution. Moreover, this will not work these days especially if your girlfriend lives in the city. The sound of traffic and other senseless noise will only drown the music coming from your boom box. So yes, you should never do this to get back with an ex ever.

You Should Interrupt a Wedding to Confess Your Undying Love

Hollywood is trying to convince you that doing things that are rather bold yet obviously stupid to profess your feelings for someone is in fact a grand gesture of love. One of the most overused scenes in romance films is when a guy interrupts someone else’s wedding in order to admit his love to a certain girl. This is either done on the altar as the bride and groom exchanged their vows or during the wedding reception where the guy grabs the mic from the emcee and starts blabbering about how his life is miserable without the girl of her dreams who is usually the bride’s best friend or her sister or the wedding planner.

This is not a grand gesture of love. It is a grand gesture of how to be incredibly inappropriate at a wedding. Aside from the fact that this is totally awkward when done in real life, it will be selfish of you to ruin someone else’s dream wedding just to impress that girl who probably would not want speak with you after the wedding anyway.

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Stop the Flight of the Love of Your Life So You Can Get Back Together

Another clichéd scene in many romance films is when the guy tries to delay his ex’s flight just so they can get back together. In these scenes, the man usually tries to dodge every form of airport security to stop the woman’s flight. This, however, will never ever happen in real life. If a guy actually did this, he would end up being questioned by airport security since he would not be able to get through without a ticket in the first place.

In addition, unlike in most movies, women with their strands of sanity still intact do not expect their exes to pull all strings possible and have their flights delayed as well as other passengers’ just so that they can make up and fix things about their relationship no matter how dysfunctional it actually is.

The main reason you should not even consider taking love advice from movies is that although some scenes can somehow appear realistic, the said scenes do not and can never happen in real life no matter how romantic they seem to be. In addition, men in romantic comedies are packaged by Hollywood to be the men who will do everything life-changing including stopping a bullet train on its tracks just to prove that they are the perfect boyfriend.   

Well-adjusted men do not do the things mentioned above in real life because they do not have screenwriters inside their heads hell-bent in making every rom-com male character deluded about what it is really to be a man in a mature relationship.   

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