6 sure ways to score a second date

6 sure ways to score a second date

- There are sure fire ways to score a second date

- Follow these tips and you not be tagged as psychopath

- Make sure your date is still interested in you

6 sure ways to score a second date

So you are with the girl you are really attracted to and are probably curious on how to increase the chances of getting her to want to have a second date with you. Aside from assuring her that you are not a psychopath on your first night out, there are several ways that you can follow to ensure that she would be interested enough to go beyond the first date.

Give Sincere Compliments

You find your date attractive that is why you asked her out. However, she needs to know why you are attracted to her, and you can do this by giving her random yet sincere compliments such as “You look wonderful tonight” or “You are beautiful.” Moreover, do not compliment her too much. Women know when praise is flattering or when it is bordering on strange. Keep it sincere and simple. You do not have to be frothing in the mouth about her to tell her you like her.

Be Prepared

Be prepared because she Googled you. It is guaranteed that she has Googled you before your first date. With today’s technology, women have a lot of ways to confirm if you are mental or someone who has been a sex offender. If she has questions about you, then you should be able to address them without having to lie about yourself. Women can detect dishonesty. Hence, if you want to get a second date, you must play it cool and be honest with her and yourself.

Nobody Dates a Misanthropic Jerk

Being needlessly rude to other people is a major turn-off for most women. You will most likely end up lost and alone in the dating circle if you are an insufferable asshole on date No. 1. To up your odds of securing a second date, be nice, generous, and learn to respect other people including those whom you think are beneath you.

Listen Carefully when She Talks about Herself

Most dates’ favorite topic of conversation is themselves. People like to talk A LOT about themselves during dates. If you listen carefully and ask the right questions to keep the conversation going, you are making your date feel that she is important and interesting. In addition, this will also help you detect red flags about her personality and character. By listening carefully and asking her questions to give her a chance to elaborate her point, you will get to know her better and will help you decide if she is a keeper.

Let Her Know that You are Having a Great Time

We all want to be with someone that can make us happy and vice-versa. If you are having a wonderful time on your date night, then let her know about it. Tell her that you are having a great time.  Laugh and smile to show her that you are happy to be with her without looking like an idiot.

Kiss Her

At the end of the night, make sure you seal the date by giving her a romantic kiss. After driving or walking her home and being a real gentlemen throughout the night, end the day with a kiss on the lips. Make the kiss gentle and sincere. The last thing you want to do is to scare her off by being a bad, sloppy kisser. Giving her a good kiss will reduce your chances of falling into the dreadful friend zone and will definitely make her want to spend another romantic night with you.

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