3 simple ways to connect with women better

3 simple ways to connect with women better

- They say women are hard to understand

- There are simple ways to understand girls

- Learn this tricks and do not be rude with women

3 simple ways to connect with women better

Do you still use lame pick-up lines to start a conversation with a girl? If yes, then it is either you lack the proper social skills or you are simply an abominable douchebag.

Learning how to converse properly with a girl is a crucial skill especially when you have been into the dating scene for too long and have not found the perfect match yet. Get past the mind-numbing small talk and build a strong rapport with your date using these tips.

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Get Out of Your Head and Be in the Conversation

Men can be horrible listeners during a date because they have this bad habit of micromanaging the entire conversation within their heads. If you find yourself worrying about what your date thinks about you, you will end up missing everything she is telling you. Women hate it when they are pouring their hearts into the conversation only to realize that you have mentally transported into the twilight zone.

Be part of the conversation and stop thinking about what cool thing to say next. Make sure that your full attention is on your date. Be truly interested in what she has to say to you. This will make it way easier for you to respond and relate with your date.

Use Your Questions Wisely

Questions, when used properly, are great tools to know your date better. The key here is to ask her about things that matter to you as a potential romantic partner. Ask thought-provoking questions about her work, things she is passionate about, her future plans, and her views on relationships.

Remember that if you ask stupid questions, you will only get stupid answers. Never ask questions for the sake of just having something to ask, especially with women. If you fire her with nonsense questions, the entire conversation goes up to smoke, and you will be the boring date who just turned dinner into a useless interrogation.

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Take Note of What She Says

If you are listening carefully, most of the things you need to keep the ball rolling in a conversation are already there. Listen to what she tells you and push the conversation further by building off of the specific things she mentions. Say your date tells you, “I visited Paris when I was a kid and I would love to go back there and see the Louvre.” Your next move is to take one of the details and relate back to her.

You can say that you have visited Paris, too, and that you have actually seen the Louvre. Or perhaps tell her a story about the places you have visited when you were a kid. By keeping mental notes of what she says and using them to branch off and lead the conversation deeper, you will never run out of things to talk about.

Connecting with a girl is actually easy when you stop thinking about her as a prospect girlfriend. This removes the pressure on you, and you will get more comfortable having an insightful conversation with her.

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