Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis exchange praises

Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis exchange praises

-  Pope Benedict XVI celebrates 65th Jubilee of priestly ordination

- Pope Benedict XVI gave his featfelt thanks to current Cahtolic leader Pope Francis

- Pope Francis praises Pope Benedict XVI for his continuous service to the church 

Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis exchange praises

(Photo from Vatican Radio - English Section)

This year marks Pope emeritus Benedict XVI’s 65th Jubilee of priestly ordination. It was celebrated last Tuesday, June 28, in the Clementine Hall in Vatican together with the Vatican offices and congregations heads and guests including Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople delegation.

During the celebration, Pope Francis spoke to retired Pope Benedict XVI in a manner so well delivered that inspired the whole priesthood to support each other and spread the spirit of brotherhood.

All ears are on to him as he speaks fondly and highly of the retired pope.

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Here is the translated content of their exchange of praises.

Retired Pope Benedict XVI: “(The word) “eucharistomen” reminds us of the reality of thanksgiving and the new dimension Christ gave to it. He has transformed the cross, suffering, all of the world’s evil into grace and blessing.

In this way, he fundamentally transubstantiated life and the world and has given us and continues to give us each day the bread of true life, which overcomes the world through the strength of his love.

Thanks, first of all to you, Holy Father. Your goodness, from the first moment of your election, in every moment of my life here, touches me deeply. More than the beauty of the Vatican Gardens, your goodness is the place where I live: I feel protected.”

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Pope Francis: “You, Holiness, continue to serve the church. You never cease to truly contribute, with determination and wisdom, to its growth; and you do so in that little monastery Mater Ecclesiae in Vatican, which is anything but one of those forgotten corners where today’s throwaway culture which tends to relegate people who, with age, lose their strength.

Providence has willed that you, dear brother have come to speak in a precisely “Franciscan” manner, from which emanates the calm, a peace, a strength, a trust, a maturity, a faith, a dedication, and a loyalty that does me so well, and gives so much strength to me and the whole church. “

Pope Francis congratulated his predecessor and expressed his hope that Pope Benedict “would continue to feel the hand of the merciful God that sustains him” and that he may “experience and give witness to God’s love.”

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Pope Benedict hooked his hands together and signaled thanks to Pope Francis when he finished speaking and managed to rise on his feet to embrace the current Pope.

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