7 benefits of having regular sex with your spouse

7 benefits of having regular sex with your spouse

Many married couples’ sex lives suffer due to their busy schedule. Many couples do not feel in the mood to make love due to the heavy workload, household chores and the difficulty of raising their kids.

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Although you can think of many reasons not to have sex with your spouse, there are also plenty of reasons why you should. Here are some of the most surprising benefits of regular sex with your spouse.

1. It is a great bonding time

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One of the best ways for a married couple to bond is by making love with each other. The intimacy, affection, trust and selflessness manifested during sex can help strengthen your bond with each other.

2. It can make your relationship sweeter

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A cold or lukewarm marriage can be rescued by putting more effort into your sex life. Having regular sex makes you appreciate each other better and helps you learn new things about each other.

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3. It is a good workout

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Don’t have time to go to the gym due to your busy schedule? Having sex regularly can help you lose weight, develop flexibility, and improve agility and strength.

4. It lowers stress and anxiety

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A day at the office can bring a lot of stress and anxiety for a married couple. Unwinding by making love helps release hormones that lower your stress and anxiety levels. This can also lead to a good night’s sleep for the both of you.

5. It helps prevent diseases

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Studies suggest that having sex regularly can help improve your overall health. Regular sex can positively affect your heart health which prevents heart attacks. It can also lower the blood pressure which helps prevent strokes. Regular sex can also strengthen your immune system which prevents infections.

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6. It can serve as your date night

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Are you having money problems lately? Making regular sex serve as your regular date night can help improve your relationship and your financial situation as well.

7. It teaches better communication

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When having sex with your spouse, verbal communication is not the only form of communication that is being developed.  The ability to read facial expressions and body language are also developed when having sex regularly. These skills are important for the survival of your relationship with each other. - DN, Kami Media

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