Woman tried seducing TV repairman

Woman tried seducing TV repairman

- A TV repairman was ushered inside a poorly-dressed woman’s home

 - The man focused on busying himself with his job as the woman continued to provide him a good view of her backside, only wearing a thong and a shirt

 - As the video ended, the repairman did not make any advances to the woman

There comes a point in our lives wherein we get stuck in a sticky situation, with no way out but to endure and push ourselves to pull through. Sometimes, it arrives cloaked with troubles, embarrassing incidents, and awkward moments. As for this certain TV repairman, all three predicaments rolled into one in the form of a naughty woman clad in nothing but a shirt and a thong.

The video went viral in all social media platforms, showing a TV repairman forced to deal with a client who just did not seem to be expecting any guests for the day, appearance-wise.

The embarrassing footage last for 4 minutes and 48 seconds. The woman, who obviously failed to put on at least a pair of pants before welcoming a man into her home, was clearly trying to rise out a reaction from the poor TV repairman.

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The video began with the woman trying to explain her troubles, remote control in hand, to the man. As the repairman got to work, the woman dived into her bed. Just when viewers thought she would use the materials on the mattress to cover herself up, she proved the audience’s assumption wrong as she put it away. She proceeded to lay comfortably, with her back side facing the repairman who seemed to be busying himself with the television set.

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Unsatisfied that her efforts have been unnoticed, she walked up beside the repairman and bent forward – giving the man a good view of her behind, if only he had faced her. This continued for several moments.

In what looked like a desperate attempt, she moved back to the bed and positioned herself with her butt facing towards the repairman again. She remained in this position, and somehow partially succeeded as the repairman faced her and enjoyed the view for a few moments but did not take any other actions.

The brave repairman did not fall for the woman’s coyness, even as the video ended.

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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