Roxas, Drilon, Belmonte attend Leni’s inauguration

Roxas, Drilon, Belmonte attend Leni’s inauguration

- Mar Roxas, Frank Drilon and Sonny Belmonte attended Vice President Leni Robredo’s inauguration

- Kris Aquino and Leni’s mother were also VIP guests at the ceremony

- Robredo has also asked representatives from marginalized sectors to attend her inauguration

- Defeated vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos has urged the Supreme Court to stop Robredo from taking her oath

Roxas, Drilon, Belmonte attend Leni’s inauguration
(Photo from GMA News)

Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo had her key political allies by her side during her June 30 inauguration at the Quezon City Reception House, as defeated presidential candidate Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, Senator Franklin Drilon and outgoing House Speaker Sonny Belmonte witnessed the ceremony.

The other VIP guests at the highly anticipated inauguration include celebrity Kris Aquino and the members of the Gerona and Robredo families including Leni’s mother Salvacion Gerona.

Robredo – who has served in the past as a non-government organization lawyer and as a Camarines Sur congresswoman – has decided to invite representatives from the marginalized sectors of the Philippines.

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“They are from the women’s sector, the Bangsamoro, persons with disabilities and farmers’ groups. It was made sure that there would be representatives from the sectors that Vice President-elect Robredo has served,” said Georgina Hernandez, Robredo’s spokesperson.

Robredo is also participated in the flag-raising ceremony and the multi-faith prayers which were parts of her inauguration ceremony as the Philippines’ 14th Vice President.

Her daughter, Jillian Robredo, held the Bible during the oath-taking. Leni’s older daughters – Aika and Tricia – also joined her onstage during the ceremony.

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Robredo took oath before Punta Tarawal Barangay Captain Rolando Coner and Barangay Marina head Regina Celeste San Miguel.

Punta Tawaral is a fishing community which is known as the smallest, poorest and most distant barangay in the third district of Camarines Sur. Barangay Marina is where the Quezon City Reception House is located.

It can be remembered when Hernandez told that Robredo’s inauguration speech will be a short one – only 10 minutes long. It was delivered in Filipino and focused on uniting the country, moving forward to the future and fostering a better public service.

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Meanhile, Robredo’s rival and defeated vice presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., has urged the Supreme Court to put a stop to her inauguration due to allegations of cheating at the May 9 national elections.

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