Man found with improvised bomb in Davao checkpoint

Man found with improvised bomb in Davao checkpoint


Man found with improvised bomb in Davao checkpoint
Roy Bulat-ag Moreno is detained in Toril Police Station after being arrested for possession of alleged bomb components. (Toril Police Station Photo)

A 22-year-old man was arrested by units of the Eastern Mindanao Command after being discovered with two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) at a checkpoint in Davao City on Good Friday, March 25, according to a report from Sun Star Davao.

Suspect Roy Bulat-ag Moreno was searched, only to be discovered with not just two IEDs, but also a hand grenade and other bomb materials.

"He was riding a tricycle from Barangay Catigan. When he reached our checkpoint, he disembarked together with the van passengers. But when my personnel noticed his backpack, his attention was called. It was at this moment that the explosives were discovered," Commander Colonel Cristobal Zaragoza told Rappler.

When looking for the motive, the authorities discovered that Roy was following orders from the New People’s Army (NPA).

“He admitted he was ordered by Commander Bobby of the New People's Army front 54, who ordered him to carry the backpack to Barangay Toril, then somebody would accompany him and deliver the IEDs to Barangay Tamayong,” Zaragoza said in the same Rappler report.

Roy is now currently undergoing investigation.

Units of the EMC have been on “red alert” since Sunday to prepare for the upcoming anniversary of the rebel group, according to Captain Roda Leoncito, public information officer chief of the EMC, as reported in Sun Star Davao.

The NPA would have its founding anniversary on March 29.

Photo was accessed from Sun Star Davao.




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