Male student's attack on teen girl, left ignored by classmates

Male student's attack on teen girl, left ignored by classmates

- A male student confronts his female classmate

- After a short conversation, the male student starts to repeatedly slap the girl with great force

- The girl’s classmates react to the bullying by pretending that nothing is happening

A netizen has shared a disturbing video on Facebook, showing a male student slapping his helpless female classmate repeatedly with great force inside the classroom.

What makes the video even more disturbing is the reaction of the classmates of the abused girl: they did not seem to care at all.

Some commenters on the viral video believe that the abusive male student is a top bully in the school which makes his classmates too scared to fight him and defend the girl.

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Other commenters also theorized that the girl could be an unpopular student who is hated by everyone in the class which makes it “okay” for the bully to slap her around.

However, many commenters noted that there is no reason to justify physical violence in school, especially if it is a female student being hurt by a physically stronger male student.

The outraged netizens have called for a thorough investigation of the incident in order to give justice to the assaulted girl and a punishment for the male student.

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An ideal way to fight off a bully is to report any incident of bullying to teachers, parents and other school authorities. Gathering evidence of the bullying incident like taking a video or a picture can also help raise awareness on bullying and present proof of abuse which can then lead to an appropriate punishment to the guilty.

This is important in discouraging other school bullies from hurting their classmates. Parents, teachers and students should also be aware that bullying is not only manifested through physical abuse.

Verbal abuse, cyberbullying and discrimination are also common forms of school bullying. Therefore, parents should teach their children every step on how to deal with the different forms of school bullying in order to protect their mental, emotional and physical well-being.

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