5 sure signs that it’s time for a break up

5 sure signs that it’s time for a break up

Breaking up is never easy but sometimes you just have to do it. If you find any of the symptoms mentioned below, you should start asking yourself if you’re truly happy in your current relationship?

5 sure signs that it’s time for a break up

We all dream of perfect relationshipы. Sometimes we take those intentions so far we begin to deceive ourselves with wishful thinking. We find comfort in illusions as our life goes down the gutter.

It’s always good to get advice on how to build a harmonious relationship, however sometimes it’s far more important to know when to cut things off. There are five sire signs that it’s time to gather your stuff, change your phone number and call your best friends for psychological support.

1) You don’t want to come home anymore

Before, the idea of spending time with your partner would bring you joy, but now the only thing you feel is a tick in your eye. It’s not as if you have anything against the relationship as a whole, but how it’s all put into practice is what really disappoints you.

You have an idealized concept of your partner, from which the real person differs so much, that just being next to him/her kills all respect and affection towards them.

2) You practice self-destructive behavior

Smoking, drinking or worse, drugs, self-criticism, over or under eating, sleep deprivation, bursts of rage are all indicators of self-destructive behavior. If in the company of your partner you feel yourself having the aforementioned sort of fun more often it’s a clear indicator that you’re not happy.

3) Relationships don’t bring you joy

If you feel, that love is starting to feel like pain, or fear, depression, anxiety or nervosity, all in all anything but pleasure, relaxation and ease, it’s time to start asking yourself some hard questions.

4) You stopped setting long-term goals

Instead, you just hope that everything will turn out right, as soon you fix two or three minor problems. Your partner will find a nice job, your child will grow up a little bit, you’ll lose a few extra pounds – and you already see your life turning for the better. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re probably wrong.

There is no line, after which you cross things just magically start going your way. Stop hoping for things to change. Change them.

5) You’re more comfortable being alone

The most surefire sign that your partner doesn’t suit you is that you feel better when you’re alone. Your boyfriend or girlfriend is an anchor pulling you down, instead of giving you confidence. In this case your only option is a breakup.

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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