Netizen takes photos of tired working student holding items for sale in jeepney

Netizen takes photos of tired working student holding items for sale in jeepney

- Photos of sleeping student selling snack items became viral after netizen shares it online

- The uploader hopes the photos would inspire others to give their best and not give up on their dreams

- The boy is yet to be named

A netizen who was touched by what she saw while inside a public utility jeepney decided to share the heartwarming scene to her fellow netizens.

Angel Jane Lopez was riding a PUJ when he noticed a boy sleeping in the corner. He was wearing a school uniform and holding some items for sale, including peanuts, eggs, and others.

Lopez felt a mix of emotions. She pitied the boy for his plight at the same time she admired him for his perseverance.

She believes that the boy is selling the snack items so he would have some money for food, either for him or for his family.

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Lopez shared the moment by taking snapshots of the sleeping boy and posted it on Facebook.

The post immediately went viral, with most Facebook users praising the boy for being such a hardworking man and for not letting himself become a victim of his situation.

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Users said that not all individuals will be able to do what he is doing -- earn extra money for his family and school needs without having to give up his chance at a brighter future.

The boy is yet unnamed. However, the photos would show that he was indeed tired, not giving a care to the world. Little did he know that those around him actually care.

According to Lopez, the young lad’s uniform seemed to have not been ironed – maybe because he did not have the time to iron them or his family do not own an iron at all.

Now that the post has gone viral, Lopez hopes that it would serve as an inspiration for everyone to really work hard and not give up on their dreams no matter what their current standing at life is. Whether they are in a good or bad situation, they should not take their studies for granted and should always give their best.


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