Gubernadorial Candidate Harassed In Sorsogon

Gubernadorial Candidate Harassed In Sorsogon

Gubernadorial Candidate Harassed In Sorsogon
Eric Dioneda

Members of the PDP-Laban Party were harassed by around 20 armed men in a political rally in Sorsogon City.

Eric Dioneda who is running for the gubernadorial position was harrassed by 20 unidentified armed men 3 kilometers away from the city proper during one of their political sorties.

The armed men approached Vladimir Ramon Frivaldo, the ticket for the vice-gubernadorial post, demanding that the rally cease immediately. They also held a gun at Eric and ordered him and the entire ticket of PDP-Laban to stop the party.

Dioneda personally reported the incident to the Sorsogon City police station. Eric Dioneda added that the armed men who harassed them at the barangay hall of Buhatan village said, "Puta ka Eric, si Chiz nga nagpapaalam sa amin." (You’re a whore, Eric! Even Chiz asked us for permission.)

Aside from the ruckus they caused to the entire party, the armed men also smashed the windows of the city hall and tried to shoot people who were running for cover. The men were armed with m16 armalite rifles and grenade launchers.

Following the the incident, the PNP held checkpoints in strategic areas to go after the fleeing unidentified suspects believed to be members of communist guerillas. Calubaquib, the PNP Bicol regional spokesperson, added that Sorsogon PNP also worked with the Army’s 31st Infantry Battalion to go against the fleeing armed men.

Eric is the son of former mayor of Leovic Dioneda and a member of Rebolusyunaryong Alyansang Makabayan (RAM). He is running for the second time, as he lost the gubernadorial position last 2013.

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