Top five list of time travel stories

Top five list of time travel stories

The idea of being able to travel through time has always fascinated us in so many ways. Apparently, there are people who claim to have been able to go back in time; revisit the future and pass by whatever is in between through things that, while many cast doubts, people from different unknown dimensions and period, who claim to possess a futuristic tool that allows them toggle between space and time, seem to defy odds by detailing stories of the possibility of them wandering over space and time.

Here are the top three cases of alleged stories of time travels.

1. Håkan Nordkvist claiming to have met his future self in the year 2042

It all started when Håkan Nordkvist came home to and saw leaked water in his kitchen floor. “It was a beautiful day and I was on my way home from a job in Färjestaden.

“When I got home, I found water on the kitchen floor. Somehow there was a leak. I got my tools and opened up the doors to the sink. And started to work”, Nordkvist said as he recalls the experience.

“When I reached in to examine the pipes, they seemed to be further in than I remembered. I had to crawl inside the cabinet, and as I did so, I discovered that it just continued. So I kept on crawling further and further into the cabinet. In the end of the tunnel I saw a light, and when I got there, I realized I was in the future. I meet myself as 72 years old, the year was 2042. I did a lot of tests on him to see if he was really me. And the strange thing is that he knew everything about me. Where I hid my secret stuff when I was in first grade, and what the score was in the soccer match against Växjö Norra in the summer of 88. He knew it all.”

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According to Nordkvist, he met his 72-year-old self in the year 2042. At first you might think that this story is just a product of his imagination, but Nordkvist debunk doubts by showing a video of himself and his future self.

Well, sometimes things can be unexplainable.

2. Iphone in 1670

This list will not be complete without the next item. The ‘Man Handing a Letter to a Woman in the Entrance Hall of a House’, a painting by Pieter de Hooch in 1670 is believed to be a conclusive evidence of time travelling.

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The painting features a woman holding what appears to be like an smart phone, which was invented after 350 years from the date the art piece was first publicized.

The issue has even become viral after Apple CEO Tim Cook commented on the art piece and the alleged time traveler.  “I always thought I knew when the iPhone was invented, but now I’m

not so sure anymore,” he said.

Top five list of time travel stories

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Some skeptics raised eye brows and theorized the device is not an iphone but an old school ipod. Whether an iphone or an ipod, the thing is both weren’t invented by the time de Hooch released his painting. Could this be a time traveler who brought the iphone back in time? If so, which iphone model did she bring with her? We could only speculate.

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3. Car appearing out of thin air

This next item will also leave you in disbelief. A clip which features a car which seem to have appeared out of thin air made its way to online fame after netizens dubbed it to be another case of time travel.

The video has been posted by Dash Cam Owners Australia which gathered thousands of views from the online community who are obsessed with the possibility of time travel.

See for yourself.

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4. Time Traveler in a boxing match

Time travelling theorists started to talk about a clip from a 1995 Mike Tyson bout claiming that a spectator of the match appears to have used a smart phone and filmed the match. The story got the interest of the online community because smart phones hadn’t been invented in 1995. However some digital cameras were already available by then.

Top five list of time travel stories

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Is this a proof of time-travelling sports fans from the future or the fan was holding a mere digital camera?

5. Charlie Chapline Time Traveler

Charlie Chaplin’s Time Traveler has become part of every list of time travel cases. The clip, taken from The Circus which was originally released in 1928, shows a woman appeared to have been speaking with someone over what seems to be a cellular phone. At first, the clip was unnoticed until people online started to talk about the possibility of that woman being a time traveler.

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What makes the claim believable was the fact that cellphones were invented on a much later date.

While there is no strong evidence to prove the existence of a machine that allows people to travel back in time, these stories shouldn’t be debunked right away, remember, Albert Einstein himself believed in the possibility of roaming around time and space. We’ll never know, you might just be a few steps away from a portal that would lead you somewhere in the past or in the future or somewhere in between. -MR, Kami Media

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