Daddy Kramer cries on Kendra's birthday

Daddy Kramer cries on Kendra's birthday

- Doug Kramer gave Kendra a promise ring for her birthday

- He told her that it symbolizes his love and bond with her and reminded her of a lot of things during his speech

- Afterwards, Kendra took her crown off and put it on Doug’s head

- She told him of how she may meet a prince one day but her father will always be her king which prompted Doug to cry

As cliché as it may be, the phrase ‘time flies so fast’ has always proved its truth on children. A lot of parents refuse to accept the rapid change occurring to their children, while others simply accepted the fact and made the most out of their son’s and daughter’s childhood while they still can. Doug Kramer is no exception on this as he, along with the rest of Team Kramer, celebrated his eldest daughter’s 7th birthday last Sunday.

It was a grand celebration and preparations paid off as celebrity couple Doug and Chesca Kramer would want nothing else for Kendra. The venue was packed with family and friends, the program was thorough, and one high point of the event was the father and daughter moment.

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Doug gave Kendra a promise ring as his present for her turning of seven. He claimed that the ring symbolizes his love and bond with his precious daughter. He also reminded Kendra of how much her family loves her, and how her parents have always been urging her to build a relationship with God during his speech.

As touching as it may be, the basketball player was not prepared for what was to come next. The unsuspecting father was surprised when Kendra removed her tiara and placed it on Doug’s head, assuring him with the following words: “Dear daddy, I may find a prince someday but you will always be my king.”

 What more can a father wish for? The towering athlete was moved to tears on Kendra’s actions.

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Doug was able to freeze the moment and shared it on his Instagram with a long, sweet caption addressed to his daughter. He also asked his daughter to remember how he treated her with respect and how much he loves her, explaining that the ring is a ‘gift she can keep and treasure until she grows up.’-HB, Kami Media

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