VIRAL: Wife sees photos of husband with mistress inside motel

VIRAL: Wife sees photos of husband with mistress inside motel

- A wife posted on Facebook a set of photos of his husband and another woman inside a motel

- The mistress said that the man told her he is single and ready to have fun

- Facebook accounts of the people involved are currently deactivated

Facebook users went wild over a set of photos posted by an alleged mistress. The photos show her and a married man having a good time and taking selfies inside a motel.

Unfortunately, the photos were discovered by the legal wife. Enraged over what his husband did, she decided to take screenshots of the mistress’ profile as well as the photos they took on social media and post it for the world to see.

The wife, known as Nina Cruz Ballesteros, wrote a seemingly long caption and let out all her frustrations and anger towards her husband.

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She said in the post that her husband is stupid enough to do such an act when he cannot even afford to buy milk for their child. She said that she cannot believe her apparently cheating husband has the money to pay for a motel when he cannot even give a single cent to buy milk and diapers.

There were several photos of the mistress and the cheating husband in their underwear. There were even photos of the mistress with kiss marks around her neck.

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Meanwhile, the alleged mistress known as Angel Jamoso said that the man actually courted her and told her that he was single and available. She said that he also told her that he is ready to mingle and has no obligations. She was not aware that she was in for a big trouble.

Poor girl!

To add, Angel also said proudly that maybe the man cheated on his wife with her because she is better in bed.

As of present time, the Facebook accounts of the involved are deactivated. However, the photos and their names have long become viral. It has been shared at least 174 times by one Facebook page alone. Angel Jamoso, on the other hand, has become a popular search with at least 53,000 searches. Nina Cruz Ballesteros, too, has been searched over 46,000 times.

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