Christian village in Lebanon hit by suicide bombings

Christian village in Lebanon hit by suicide bombings

- There were two waves of bombing in a Christian village in Lebanon 

- Several people were killed and injured

- It was identified that three bombers also died

Christian village in Lebanon hit by suicide bombings

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While the Philippines enjoys religious freedom and most often take it for granted, Christians in the Middle East suffer under the barbaric attacks of various Islam extremist groups and sacrifice their lives in the name of the Christian faith.

Series of suicide bombings by an unidentified group killed and injured several people in a mostly Christian village in Lebanon, near its boundary with Syria on Monday, one before dawn and another in the evening.

The bombings were not claimed by any group yet, but bore characteristics of jihadist organizations such as the Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS).

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The Red Cross of Lebanon said that three suicide bombers also died from the incidents.

A state-run news agency claimed that at least 13 people were injured.

It was reported there were four suicide bombings and one of them hit near a church.

Clashes are ongoing on the outskirts of the village between the Lebanese army and armed groups,” a security source said.

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Residents are urged by Bashir Matar, Al-Qaa mayor, to stay indoors and warned that there may be other suicide bombers roaming their area.

Baalbek-Hermel Region Governor Bashir Khodr also barred refugees from Syria from entering the village.

“The security situation today is above all considerations,” Khodr said in a statement to LBC television channel.

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According to their army, four suicide bombers attacked the village.

“The first attacker knocked on one of the homes in the village, but after the resident became suspicious, he blew himself up,” a military source said to the AFP.

The other three blew their explosives up as the villagers gathered to treat those who were wounded.

“We have guards all the time. The village is always ready and people are on edge,” said one village resident.

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