WATCH: 2500 attend drug lord's funeral

WATCH: 2500 attend drug lord's funeral

- Suspected drug lord Jeffrey "Jaguar" Diaz was killed in a crossfire with the police

- 2,500 take to the streets in mourning

- Rumors of bribery abound but are unconfirmed

Supporters, family members, and friends of the late Jeffrey "Jaguar" Diaz flock to the streets in droves to mourn his passing. A drum and bugle corps walked side by side his hearse, which was carried on the shoulders of six men. His supporters wore shirts printed with his face.

WATCH: 2500 attend drug lord's funeral

(Photo credit: cebu daily)

These mourners - estimated to be at least 2,500 - walked for nearly an hour on a 1.3-kilometer road from the Archdiocesan Shrine of San Nicholas de Tolentino, Brgy. San Nicolas, to the Calamba Cemetery.

There are rumors that each person who went received P800 for their attendance, but 49-year-old Virgilio Zamora said he voluntarily attended, explaining that Diaz had helped his father and son when they were sick by giving them cash to buy prescription medicine.

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WATCH: 2500 attend drug lord's funeral

(Photo credit: philstar)

Diaz, as well as his bodyguard, was killed in a shootout against operatives from the Police Regional Office (PRO) 7 last June 17, in Las Pinas City.

His funeral started at 1pm, with a mass at the San Nicholas Parish in Barangay San Nicholas, Cebu City. Security was tight - members of the media were not even permitted to enter the church where the mass was held.

Diaz was buried yesterday at 4pm, in a P200,000 mausoleum constructed in Calamba Cemetery, Cebu City.

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White balloons emblazoned with "WE LOVE YOU JAGUAR" were set loose.

An angel in disguise?

The suspected drug lord had a reputation for being a modern-day Robin Hood of sorts in Barangay Duljo Fatima, Cebu City. He was once a sacristan in the church he was buried in, and 52-year-old Victor Yap, once a fellow sacristan of his, revealed that he was shocked and curious when news that Diaz had become a drug lord reached him.

"Buotan kaayo na sauna katong sacristan pa mi." (He was a really great guy back when we were both sacristans) he mused. -

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