Catch a cheating partner with this new technology

Catch a cheating partner with this new technology

There is no more hiding. This new penis implant would notify you every time your partner inserts his well-loved pet in another woman’s vagina.

A newly developed technology allows women to implant a chip to their partners’ penises and sends alerts straight to their smartphone every time the males indulge in sex with other women aside from their partners.


This microchip is best for women who are worried that their partners might be cheating on them.

The scientists behind this invention were inspired by their willingness to help curb infidelity among couples and in the end, prevent cheating that would lead to divorce. In order to make it happen, these great minds started to collaborate and develop a “genital implant” that is able to send notifications on via smartphones every time the partner is cheating.

Catch a cheating partner with this new technology

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The microchip is dubbed as the It “Commit-Tech”.

However, before you, women, get too excited, note that you will also be implanted with the “pair” of this chip. It works both ways.

It works like this.

The small chip is implanted in a man’s penis and his partner’s vulva. Then, both chips will be paired via an application that needs to be installed on their smartphones.

If one of the chips is discovered to have a sexual activity with someone who does not have the chip or someone whose chip does not pair up with the other, then it will automatically send a notification to the other partner’s smartphone, telling her that he or she is cheating.

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The developer, Stephen Triton, says that this microchip is an excellent invention. “Cheating will be a thing of the past pretty soon. And if your partner has problems with installing this chip, it probably means that he isn’t committed to you, and it’s time to rethink your current relationship,” he said.

The chip is reported to become available in all major stores starting November.

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