Funny dog had a hilarious conversation with its owner

Funny dog had a hilarious conversation with its owner

- Charlie the dog actually converses with his owner

- Most dogs use body language, growling and barking to communicate with people

- Charlie’s way of “talking” is absolutely hilarious and his video has become a viral sensation

Funny dog had a hilarious conversation with its owner

Charlie the dog is not your ordinary dog. Most dogs are content with barking, growling, wagging their tail and performing other body movements to communicate with their owners. However, Charlie is extra special because he has a desire to actually “speak” to his owner.

The video showing the funny dog trying to talk to his owner has become viral. Charlie’s facial expressions, funny noises and strange manner of “speaking” have captured the imagination of many viewers.

If your pet dog is not as good in talking as Charlie, you can still have a good communication with your canine friend by learning the body language of your pet.

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A scared dog may lick its lips, keep its mouth tightly closed, lower its body, tuck its tail, put its ears back, tremble, avoid eye contact, and lean its body back.

An aroused or excited dog will usually jump, mount or use its mouth to make contact with another animal or a human. Its ears will point forward, its body erect, eyes wide opened and tail wagging stiffly. Barking and lunging are also signs of an excited dog.

A stressed or anxious dog excessively pants, paces, circles around and lacks focus. It may also manifest some of the characteristics of a scared dog.

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An angry dog usually stiffens its body, growls and shows its teeth. It may also tense its mouth, curl its lips, and bark.

On the other hand, a relaxed dog has a mouth that appears to be smiling, its head and ears are in a neutral position, its body is loose, its eyes look soft, its tail may be wagging back and forth or in a circular motion, and it may also be lying down comfortably.

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