The Key to Success: How these 8 Powerful Men Begin their Mornings

The Key to Success: How these 8 Powerful Men Begin their Mornings


One can argue that how we begin our morning largely defines the rest of our day. A proper morning routine can do wonders for our productivity, health and mood.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the morning routines of these eight successful men. Each one has a very specific morning routine. Could their morning routines have played a part in their undeniable success, or are they just a result of their positions? Either way, maybe if you follow their routines some of their big-shot success might rub off on you.

1) Barack Obama

The Key to Success: How these 8 Powerful Men Begin their Mornings

Obama could very well be the most powerful man in the world, so you can guess that his mornings can get hectic. The commander in chief wakes up at 6:45 every morning and goes straight to the gym to lift some weights, which he finishes off with a quick session of cardio.

After he’s done pumping iron Barack eats breakfast with his wife and two daughters. Only after the girls leave for school does he proceed with his presidential duties.

2) David Cameron

The Prime Minister of Britain wakes up at 6:00 am and goes through important government business until 8:00 am. At 8:00am in the morning, David Cameron sits down to have breakfast with his wife and three children.

What’s interesting is that the prime minister’s house has a strict no-TV-in-the-mornings rule. The reason is David Cameron believes that his children should be doing something productive before leaving for school in the morning.

3) Winston Churchill

Britain’s former prime minister Winston Churchill would wake up at 7:30am. He would lie in bed until 11:00 am. Churchill would have his breakfast in bed, reading the morning paper, all the while giving orders to his numerous secretaries. They say he never was much of a morning person.

4) Howard Schultz

The Key to Success: How these 8 Powerful Men Begin their Mornings

It might come as a surprise but the CEO of Starbucks begins every morning with a cup of joe. Schultz gets up in the wee hours of the morning to walk his three dogs, after which he comes home and makes himself and his wife a cup of coffee by 5:45am. Howard Schultz is very particular when it comes to coffee: his favorite morning recipe for coffee is a “coarse grind of aged Sumatra” steeped in boiling water for 3-4 minutes.

5) Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs used to start each morning by giving himself a motivational speech in front of the mirror. “If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do today?” he would ask his reflection. If Jobs knew, the answer to this question was a ‘no’ too often, than something had to be changed.

6) Bill Gates

Bill Gates, known for being the richest man in the world since 1995 has a very strict morning routing he likes to follow. Gates is a firm believer of training body and mind: he achieves this by spending an hour on the treadmill each morning, while watching instructional videos at the same time.

7) Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has a peculiar way of saving time, by not picking his clothes in the morning. The 31-year-old founder of Facebook picks a plain grey T-shirt every morning because it allows him to make “as few decisions as possible.”

In addition, he is often known for not sleeping at all. It’s common practice for Facebook employees to stay up till 6:00am working with Zuckerberg.

The Key to Success: How these 8 Powerful Men Begin their Mornings

8) Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon is not a morning person. In his opinion getting a good night’s sleep is one of  the best things you can do for your overall productivity. He once told the Wall Street Journal “I feel so much better all day if I’ve had eight hours of sleep”.

In addition, he tries to keep important business away from the mornings if so possible, and prefers to have a laid back breakfast with his wife and four children.

Bezos is an advocate of a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast, as opposed to the abrupt awakening of an alarm clock followed by a convenience store breakfast. After all, money can’t buy good health and happiness.



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