LOOK: A quick rundown of the awesome things that happened during UP’s graduation

LOOK: A quick rundown of the awesome things that happened during UP’s graduation


UP graduation isn’t just like any other school graduations out there. Let’s take a look on the awesome things that happened during the UP students’ graduation last weekend.


1. Colorful Sablays

Students were wearing their best clothes for the last day of school. Atop of those clothes were the beautiful maroon, green, and gold colored sablays. Last weekend was their final march as students of the esteemed university.

2. Sunflowers photo op

During graduation season, sunflowers bloom along University Avenue. It has been widely known to students and non-students alike such that these radiant flowers were made to bloom during their commencement exercises. As part of tradition, UP students and their families take photos with the sunflowers.

3. Wave

If in your graduation ceremonies you were asked to behave and sit uptight, in UP’s case, they got to have fun! These students even demonstrated a perfect wave to show how much they’re enjoying their special day.

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4. Cheer dance

UP is also known for winning many cheer leading championships because their team is unbeatable. These cheerleaders have devoted so much of their time to practicing, but they were still able to balance out studying and have graduated last weekend. Even in graduation, they still embody the cheer leading spirit.

5. Peaceful protests

Students were also free to protest and rally just as long as they did not impede the graduation rites. Student activists held up their placards while wearing their sablays under the heat.

6. Be as fabulous as you can be

In UP, students walk in style! Whether you’re straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transsexual, you can wear anything just as long as it passes the standards of the university. These students stole the scene with their long white gowns during their graduation.

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7. Dogtorate

Pets were also allowed to march for graduation! This dog graduated with a dogtorate, was even wearing a sablay!

Padayon, Class of 2016!

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