WATCH: Top 6 scariest YouTube videos

WATCH: Top 6 scariest YouTube videos

Many Filipinos love the feeling of being thrilled and scared in harmless ways. For this reason, we give you the some of the scariest videos on YouTube. A word of warning: these videos might make it difficult for you to sleep alone tonight.

1: ‘Bedfellows’ short film

“Bedfellows” has become a classic horror YouTube video. The short film takes advantage of many people’s fear of being intimate with another person. Got a spouse or a romantic partner? Sometimes you need to ask yourself if you really know who you are letting into your life.

2: Baby Laugh A Lot doll

Who would have thought that a commercial for children’s dolls could be so damn scary? The doll’s face and its high-pitched laugh will continue to haunt you in your dreams. Chucky and Annabelle have met their match.

3: Giant spider vs. Daddy

The scariest scenes in horror movies are the ones with a really intense build-up to the climax. A concerned dad trying to capture a gigantic spider is one of the most nerve-wracking video clips in history. The build-up is great and its climax does not disappoint.

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4: Edward Muscare’s song and dance number

The man in the video is Edward Muscare. His mannerisms, smiles, glances and “dance” moves are creepy enough, but what makes this video even more disturbing is the fact that Muscare is a registered sex offender. Trying to imagine what Muscare is thinking about while lip-synching and dancing to the tune of “Pretty woman” would give you nightmares.

5: ‘Dining Room Or There Is Nothing’ short film

This short film was created as a challenge to the viewers to see how many loops they can watch without closing it reflexively. Lots of things in the video are creepy and disturbing, but the scary woman staring right at the viewer is the most haunting element of them all.

6: Daddy long legs

This video guarantees an instant goosebumps galore on your body. What would you do if you find this mass of daddy long legs on your backyard? You’d probably relocate to a new house.

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