Golden retriever catches fish for owner

Golden retriever catches fish for owner

- Rani, a Golden Retriever, is an excellent swimmer and an amazing fisherdog

- She has been filmed catching dozens of fishes and even turtles

- This video has been viewed over 5 million times on JukinVideo’s Facebook page

“Human is going to be proud of me. Wait til she sees this one.” is probably something that Rani often thinks whenever she drops her latest catch at her owner’s feet.

Rani’s breed, golden retrievers are primarily hunting dogs so it is no surprise that she has taken fishing as her favorite hobby. Unlike other dogs who love fetching and running, Rani is so fond of swimming and fishing, she even does it while it’s raining!

In this video you’ll see Rani dragging a huge catfish from the lake. As the catfish flip flops on the dock, you can hear owner Patty Aguirre telling Rani to “put it back” in the water.

To fish, Rani chews, crumbles, and spits out pieces of bread as her bait. When the crumbles sink into the water it draws the fish up to the surface. That’s when Rani snaps up the fish and brings it back to the dock. Sometimes Rani doesn’t even use a bait and just simply waits by the water.

With Rani’s amazing fishing skills, we wonder if she’ll be needing a fishing license soon.

Patty says that when Rani catches a fish she shares it with fellow canine Finn. They eat them. She lets the turtles go. She just loves turtles, but she never hurts them,” she wrote on one of Rani’s videos.

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While Rani has reached internet stardom with her impressive fishing, her skills are not limited to that. Rani with her friends Shai and Finn (all golden retrievers) are all highly-trained service dogs. Patty affectionately calls them the Golden Gang.

Since Patty is afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis, they are trained to help with her day-to-day activities. Other videos of Rani show off her skills in flipping the light switch on, closing doors, and pressing the handicap button to open doors.

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