WATCH: Surgeon attacks patient on operating table

WATCH: Surgeon attacks patient on operating table

- Surgeon's failed extortion led her to attack her patient

- Another surgeon and nurse stood by and were complicit to the crime

- The abusive surgeon turned out to be unlicensed, and fled the city with her nurse

You have probably heard of doctors attempting to extort their patients, but have you ever heard of doctors attacking their patients on the operating table?

It’s a nightmare you probably never dreamed would happen - but in China, a doctor was caught on camera lashing out at her patient while she was already down and strapped to an operating table.

The video was taken by one of the operating room nurses at a private hospital in the city of Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia. While there have not been many details released about the incident, the low-quality and grainy video was solid evidence to charge this crazy doctor with the criminal act of negligence and violence. The patient had already settled on the able, wearing only a hospital gown, when the female surgeon leaned over and seemingly argued with her patient.

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Without any warning, she suddenly lashed out and smacked her patient across the face - not once, not twice, but multiple times. The patient attempted to fight back, but another nurse in the operating room held her arms down. She was completely exposed and vulnerable to the surgeon's cruel beatings, as the surgeon’s intensified and began slapping her legs as well.

And as if all these things were not enough deviation from the Hippocratic Oath, the surgeon forced her patient's legs apart and started slapping her inner thighs too.

Another surgeon was seen entering the camera's point of view, but did nothing to stop the abuse. According to the nurse who recorded the whole incident, she could no longer stay silent. It turned out that the surgeon has a history of such shocking behavior.

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From what has been gathered on the situation, things went downhill after the surgeon waited until the patient was naked on the operating table before asking for more money to push through with the operation. It can already be predicted that if the patient refused when she has stripped herself of clothing, the surgeon could then smoothly proceed to physical violence.

It is unclear what operation the surgeon was about to start on, but the surgeon worked in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. It is highly likely that it was supposed to be a cesarean section, because around 50% of newborns in China are delivered through that procedure.

Thankfully, there's a light at the end of this tunnel - the nurse recording shared that the ruckus they were causing caught the attention of another surgeon - who rushed in, kicked out her abusive and indifferent colleagues, and pushed through with the planned medical procedure for the patient. The hospital has been closed down temporarily while all of their systems and hiring policies went through a review by government officials.

What happened to the two surgeons after? We don't know what happened to the one who stood by and watched, but the city government of Hohhot announced that the surgeon who attacked the patient was, in fact, unlicensed. She, with the nurse who held down the patient, reportedly fled the city and there is an outstanding warrant for their arrest.

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