5 sex positions you must try during pregnancy

5 sex positions you must try during pregnancy

Being pregnant doesn’t save you from feeling the urge to have sex with your partner. It doesn’t take away the possibility of getting horny in the middle of the night or upon waking up.

Whether or not to have sex while pregnant is an issue that most expecting mothers face. Many are not sure if sex can make their pregnancy better or worse. However, experts have revealed that having sex during the entirety of your pregnancy I actually fine as long as you have a normal pregnancy. In fact, you can indulge yourself in sex until your waters break.

To add, sex during pregnancy has a lot of psychological and physical benefits. Furthermore, doing this does not harm the baby you are carrying since the amniotic fluid and the cervix act as a protection for your unborn baby.

The only thing you need to be mindful of while having sex during pregnancy are the positions. Here are some of the safest positions you can try if you decide to have sex during the whole duration of your pregnancy.

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5 sex positions you must try during pregnancy

Spooning is done by having your partner lie side by side behind you. This position is not advisable if you wish to have a full penetration. The spooning is designed so you partner can only have shallow penetration. If you are thinking of a deeper penetration, then the other positions below might work best for you.

On a Chair

5 sex positions you must try during pregnancy

On-a-chair position is what it is. The woman sits on a chair; however, she only sits on the edge of the chair and in a seemingly slant position to give more room for the partner. The man, on the other hand, kneels in front of the woman and tries to penetrate her with that position. It is a little bit tricky, but pregnant women who have done this believe that it is the best way to go. One helpful tip will be to use a chair that is a little higher than the kneeling guy. That way, he would make his way up and not directly on the tummy.


5 sex positions you must try during pregnancy

Experts believe that this position is the most recommended position of pregnant women. This position requires a lot of gentleness as the male would not want to hit the female’s body. As the name of the position would suggest, the couple needs to be opposite each other with their sex parts aligned. This position also allows for a slower penetration.

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Woman on top

5 sex positions you must try during pregnancy

Having the woman on top saves her tummy from the pressure it might receive. Plus, the position allows the woman to have complete control with regard to the speed and the depth of the penetration. In this case, it’s the man that is “sitting pretty” and not the woman.

Edge of the bed

5 sex positions you must try during pregnancy

This position is similar to the much-used missionary. The difference with this position is that the man’s body weight is not rested directly on you. The position can be executed by lying on your back near the edge of the bed. Your buttocks should be really close to the edge. Your knees should be bent and your feet must rest on your bed’s edge.

These are just five of the positions you can have when having sex during pregnancy/ Take note, however, that your partner must not blow air into your vagina in the case where he wants to perform oral sex. This can create an air bubble and cause blockage of the blood vessel.

Also note that bleeding during intercourse is normal, especially in the first trimester.


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