Zimmerman to seat away from Honeylet on Duterte's inauguration

Zimmerman to seat away from Honeylet on Duterte's inauguration

- Incoming President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte was formerly married with Elizabeth Zimmerman but their marriage was annulled

- Honeylet Avanceña is now the common law wife of Duterte with whom he has one daughter named Veronica

- Zimmerman requested the Presidential Management Staff to arrange the seats, making sure that her family and grandchildren will seat separately from Honeylet during the inauguration of Digong

Zimmerman to seat away from Honeylet on Duterte's inauguration

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Elizabeth Zimmerman expressed her desire to be seated separately from Honeylet Avanceña, the present common law wife of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte, and will ask the Presidential Management Staff to organize the seat plan accordingly.

“We sit separately with my children and with my grandchildren so they could sit also separately," Zimmerman said.

The former wife also admitted that she is apprehensive for the said event and that she is expecting some awkward situations because of the presence of Honeylet.

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She added that she needed to attend the historic event “because if I am not there, my children (Paolo, Sara and Sebastian) might not go there.”

Zimmerman, who was a former Philippine Airlines (PAL) cabin crew, seems to have gotten over and forgiven Duterte with his philandering issues.

She described Duterte as “a very thoughtful person” and claimed that “he’s taking care of me, even up to now. Even when he goes abroad, there’s always something for me."

She added that as a leader, Duterte “has his own mind and he also has his own decision. Maybe he will listen but it is always his decision.”

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During the 68 birthday of the cancer-stricken lady, Duterte brought her a birthday cake and a bouquet of red roses. He even kissed her in the lips.

Digong wishes her “Good health. And may she live for a thousand years.”

When asked if he still loved his former wife, Duterte answered “Of course, she is the mother of my children.”

Honeylet has been with the mayor ever since the campaign has started. When the mayor got sick in February, the hands of Honeylet, who is a registered nurse, never left his side.

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When asked about their private lives at home, “Sa bahay syempre ako kamay na bakal,” Honeylet said.

“Pagkamali siya, nagsosorry yun, yes yan sa’kin. He’s trying to project a kind of leader na strong. You know among the presidentiables siya lang ang maraming nagawa sa women,” Honeylet said, referring to Mayor Duterte.

Because of this issue, Duterte chose neither Zimmerman nor Honeylet as his first lady.

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