WATCH: Chinese woman eats live scorpions

WATCH: Chinese woman eats live scorpions

- In this viral video, a Chinese woman goes to the local market to get some street food

- The woman decided to eat live scorpions instead of ther other local delicacies

- There are plenty of health benefits to eating insects

One of the most exciting activities to do when visiting a foreign country is to experience its culinary delights and China offers some of the richest and most delicious cuisine in the world. However, the country also offers some of the weirdest and most horrifying dishes in the planet.

Case in point: live baby scorpions offered as street food in a market in China.

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The video of a woman at a Chinese market enjoying live baby scorpions has become viral. Many viewers of the video were amazed and curious about eating the unique street food while many felt sick and disgusted with the strange culinary delight.

Scorpions are served in many different ways in China. They can be roasted, fried, grilled or consumed live, like what the woman in the viral video was doing.

But what about the animals’ poisonous stingers?  It turns out that the scorpion stingers lose their poison once exposed to heat. However, the stingers have to be removed from the body if the scorpions will be eaten alive.

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Aside from scorpions, insects such as ants, bees, beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers, locusts and wasps are also considered as delicacies in China and other parts of Asia. The nutrients you can get by eating insects include high levels of protein for muscle repair and growth, calcium for bone strength, zinc for proper growth and diarrhea prevention, and iron for more alertness and energy throughout the day.

However, health experts advise those who want to try eating insects to cook them thoroughly and choose insects that were specifically bred and farmed for consumption in order to avoid negative health effects on the digestive system.

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