Abused dog hardly believes her pain is over

Abused dog hardly believes her pain is over

We don't like to be treated like useless things. It hurts when we’re betrayed, offended, mistreated and beaten. We cry when we are harmed. We want everyone to treat us with respect and love, but somehow refuse to reverse the service to those that need it most.

Why is it so hard to understand that living beings other than humans suffer the same when they’re hurt. Animals can’t talk; they don’t have international courts to apply to and professional lawyers to protect their rights. They can’t send an accusatory article to any magazine or post an exposing video on Facebook, but it doesn’t mean they have no feelings. Just look in the eyes of this poor abused dog! Isn’t the pain she’s feeling obvious without being spoken out. Nobody says you need to love all animals and turn your home into a pet sanctuary, but it isn’t that challenging to show at least some sympathy and compassion, is it?

We may only guess what terror this dog underwent, and hope it’ll never happen again. Good luck to Priscilla and her new owner!

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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