Police: Killer of Christina Grimmie obsessed with her

Police: Killer of Christina Grimmie obsessed with her

- ‘The Voice’ singer Christina Grimmie was shot dead after a concert last week in Orlando

 - After their investigation, the police knew little of her killer’s motive

 - Co-employees of the shooting felt that the killer, Kevin Loibl, was obsessed with the singer

As the police closed their investigation regarding the killing of ‘The Voice’ singer, they still have not figured out the killer's motive. However, several co-workers of the killer sensed that he was completely infatuated with the singer.

The report of the police department on the shooting case drew more questions than answers and further aroused curiosity. Loibl's family reported that the young man had no history of mental illness, but revealed that he lived ‘like a hermit’. The windows of his bedroom were covered with heavy curtains and aluminum foil because he has ‘an aversion to light’.

The police also said that Loibl had no criminal record, but the police of St. Petersburg responded to their home back in 2014 as there was a domestic disturbance which involved the young man and the girlfriend of his father.

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Police: Killer of Christina Grimmie obsessed with her

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Loibl was teased for having an Internet crush on Grimmie."He (Loibl) made it clear he watched everything having to do with her," his co-worker and friend, Cory Dennington, told police.

Dennington also claimed that his friend spent ‘most of his waking hours’ either browsing through the videos of Grimmie on Youtube or stalking her on her social media accounts, even if he does not have an account on any of those platforms.

Loibl also told Dennington that Grimmie’s belief in Christianity also made him believe in God.

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When Dennington frankly told his friend that it was "illogical to think he could begin a relationship with Christina Grimmie," he reportedly became ‘angry and defensive’ and risked their friendship.

Before the concert, Kevin lost weight, underwent Lasik surgery, had hair implants and his teeth whitened, so he could be more appealing for Grimmie.

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