Man finds funny couple contract made by 8th graders

Man finds funny couple contract made by 8th graders

- A contract made by a young couple went viral due to its humorous yet contemporary content

- Max Linsky found the contract on the floor and posted it on his Twitter account

- The contract forbids the signee to fully interact with these so-called ‘hoes’

Whatever your first relationship was like all the way back in middle school, you and your sweetie probably were not as methodical as these two were!

Do you remember being twelve and creeping onto puberty? How about the first person you ever had a crush on, or how your first relationship went?

Two unknown 8th grade students are certainly making their relationship one for the books. A named Max Linsky found a relationship contract drawn up and signed by a couple after it was left on the floor after a class ended.

The contract features cute and amusing terms and conditions, such as "you can't break my heart because if you break my heart I will break your face" and "you have to talk to me all the time.

Linsky posted the contract on Twitter, omitting the signature for privacy and assuring everybody it exists.

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This couple's clearly got things going for them. I hope they know what they have gotten into!

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The ‘hoes’ better watch themselves

Any ‘hoes’ in this school need to be extra careful - the contract stipulates that the signee cannot talk, hug or ‘be looking’ at these hoes. Instead, they are going to have to live with blind fist bumps, which is the only contact with ‘these hoes’ that the contract explicitly allows.

The full contract includes other obligations such as the constant provision of hugs, food, and responsible problem resolution. The contract does not have stipulations for what happens if it is breached if, for example, the kids are caught looking at these hoes.

Despite the humor of the situation, these kids look like they are doing the right thing. Communication and compromise are key factors to making a relationship work out, especially as one grows older. If this couple lasts far beyond middle school, they will have to constantly revisit and revise the terms and conditions stipulated on their contract, in order to adapt to the emotional developments both parties will undergo in the future.

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