[WATCH] Transgender teen: 'We are not a threat'

[WATCH] Transgender teen: 'We are not a threat'

- Assigned with as males sex at birth, Corey has been behaving like a female since 2 years old

- She was bullied during her younger years, causing her physical injuries and emotional trauma

- She shares video of how she overcome bullying and hopes to inspire other transgenders

Corey Maison was assigned as male at birth, but she always knew deep down insider her heart that she was always a female. So she uploads a video and shares a powerful message to bullies: “We are not a threat.”

Corey is a 14-year-old who sees herself as someone who is unique and filled with dreams. One of those dreams is that one day she would become a supermodel. However, before she moves forward to pursue that dream, Corey sets herself in a mission: share a powerful message to bullies around the world.

Corey's main goal is to share her story of how she was become triumphant in overcoming bullies. Corey has been the victim of bullying for being transgender back in her younger years. She even experienced being pushed down a hill that was covered in frozen ice, causing injuries to her face. However, she finally overcome it.

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Now, she hopes that she will be able to inspire others who are in the same dilemma as her at the same time send a message for all the bullies that they are like any other kid.

In her message to ABC News, Corey wrote: "We're not a threat. We are just like any other kids. We only want people to accept and love us for who we are."

According to Erica Maison, her mother, Corey has been identifying as a female since 2 years old.

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In her video, Corey introduced a new anti-bullying anthem titled "Misfit" by the Nashville-based band High Dive Heart. The video was recorded live from the girls' bathroom at her school.

However, instead of ending the video in heartbreak, Corey chose to end it with happiness as she shares how she overcame the bullying.

She hopes that bullies will get her message and stop what they are doing.

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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