WATCH: North Korea fires test missiles again

WATCH: North Korea fires test missiles again

- The United Nations banned North Korea from launching missiles

- Despite the ban, North Korea still launched two back-to-back missiles today, June 22

- Both mid-range missiles were fired back-to-back and the North Korean envoy remains mum about the test

North Korea performed on Wednesday two tests of new and powerful mid-ranged Musudan missile, which attained a significant raise with regard to flight distance as against previous launches that failed, the Defense Ministry of South Korea said.

WATCH: North Korea fires test missiles again

The two back-to-back tests were assumed to be capable of getting into US bases in Guam.

The United States firmly criticized the said launches because they are clear violations of the resolutions of the United Nations prohibiting North Korea from using any ballistic missile technology.

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The first test, which was done before 6:00 a.m. at the east coast location, failed after it flew around 90 miles over the East Sea (Sea of Japan). The second one, which was done after two hours, flew 400 kilometers.

“South Korea and the United States are conducting further analysis,” the ministry said in a statement, without labeling the launching as a success of failure.

This year alone, North Korea had done four (4) tests of the Musudan missile which all failed. They either exploded immediately after take-off or exploded even before it, on the mobile launch pad.

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The estimated range of the Musudan missile is anywhere between 2,500 and 4,000 kilometers. The lower range covers South Korea, Japan, and while the upper range include Guam.

“W‎e intend to raise our concerns at the UN to bolster international resolve in holding (North Korea) accountable for these provocative actions,” John Kirby, spokesman of the US State Department, said in a statement.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, was quoted by Japanese broadcaster NHK, saying that these tests cannot be tolerated.

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