Ramirez returns as PSC Chairman

Ramirez returns as PSC Chairman

- Ramirez has led the Davao Sports Development Division after his eight-year stint as PSC Chairman

- He did not want to take the position, but relented after a long deliberation

- His policies aim to promote equal relevance to all sports activities

If a few days ago it was mere speculation, just a few hours ago it was officially confirmed: William "Butch" Ramirez, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte's steadfast advisor on sports during his term as Mayor of Davao City, has finally been convinced to come back as Chairman of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC).

Sources that wish to remain unidentified have revealed that Ramirez finally relented to returning to the post after almost a month of mulling things over. Ramirez will bring people who have experienced firsthand how it is to handle matters at the PSC.

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Ramirez returns as PSC Chairman

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He plans on implementing policies and activities that call for equal importance to grassroots development, international sports and elite-level activities. The scouting and development for young and promising athletes will be improved and implemented as soon as the new set of officials take place in the PSC.

In addition to all this, Ramirez aims to revive the Philippine Sports Institute.

Ramirez has led the Davao Sports Development Division of the city mayor's office ever since he quit his post as PSC Chairman in 2008. He was initially unwilling to accept Duterte's offer because he wanted to spend time away from Manila and be with his family instead. However, he admitted that he was willing to do anything his longtime colleague asked him to, emphasizing that he did not ask for any special favors ever since the start of the campaign.

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When he formally assumes office, he - as well as the new set of commissioners - will receive a budget of P1.4 billion for their use. The money was raised from funds saved by the government sports agency over the past six years.

The Outgoing PSC Chairman Ricardo "Richie" Garcia has said that the money was to be directed to the purchase of land, which will be developed into a national training center for athletes.

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