Andi amazed at how daughter keeps mum about escapades with Jake

Andi amazed at how daughter keeps mum about escapades with Jake

- Ellie, daughter of former couple Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito, is keeping secrets from her mom as to where his dad, Jake, has been bringing her 

- Jake brought Ellie to Palaca Pool Club in Taguig without Andi's knowledge

- Andi unexpectedly found out about the adventures of Ellie and Jake

Actress Andi Eigenmann finds it amusing how her daughter Ellie decided to keep mum about her bonding adventures with Jake Ejercito.

The daughter of Jaclyn Jose posted on her Facebook account how her four-year-old daughter refuses to share her recent whereabouts with the actress’ ex-boyfriend.

Andi said she showed her daughter Ellie a photo of her at the Palaca Pool Club, a place located in Taguig. To her surprise, Ellie said she had been there before. While Andi was hesitant, her daughter insisted that she was telling the truth.

Andi amazed at how daughter keeps mum about escapades with Jake

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Andi further said that she asked Ellie who she was with when she went to the place. Much to her surprise, her daughter did not say a word and just walked out on her.

One of Andi’s Facebook friends left a photo comment for the Kapamilya actress. It is a photo of Jake and Ellie together at the Palaca Pool Club.

That was how Andi unexpectedly found out about the two’s recent adventures. Before she was shown the photo, Andi had no idea what Ellie was talking about. It was also after she saw it that she began to understand why her daughter was so evasive about the matter and chose to walk out.

On June 9, Jake posted a photo of him and Ellie at the bar in question.

Even after the two broke up in 2014, Jake still finds time to go out with Ellie.

On the other hand, it can be recalled that the actress almost gave up her showbiz life. It was only through her recent travel to France with her mother for the Cannes Film Festival that she regained her passion for acting. Andi said that she was amazed at how everybody in France appreciated her and her abilities.

Her mother Jaclyn Jose won the Best Actress award for Ma’Rosa while her brother Sid Lucero won the Best Actor prize for Toto at LA Comedy Fest. Amidst all the successes the family is getting recently, Andi wishes that Mark Gil, her late father, was still alive to celebrate it with her.

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