WATCH: Bank employees get spanked; find out why

WATCH: Bank employees get spanked; find out why

- A video of bank employees receiving at least four rounds of spanking has surfaced on the internet, causing netizens to react

- The bank's Chairman and Deputy Government were both suspended due to negligence

- Mr. Jiang, the trainer who spanked the employees for being subpar, issued an apology through a video

A video revealing staff of a Chinese bank being publicly spanked due to low performance during a training activity made its way online and has enraged many netizens.

WATCH: Bank employees get spanked; find out why

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The video shows a trainer asking the employees why they were not able to exceed themselves.

After that, he turns to hit the employees with an object that looks like a stick. Many rumors came out that the trainer also cut and shaved off the poor performing employees' hairs.

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Two executives from the bank have been called for suspension because of the incident.

The training session took place at Changzhi Zhang Zhe Rural Commercial Bank in northern China.

The trainer, Jian Yang, issued an apology and justified that his training model has been practiced for many years and had never been questioned or called out by the bank's top management.

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In the video, we can see that one woman clearly in pain from all the rounds of spanking. At one point, she puts her hand over her butt, but is reprimanded to take it off and continue receive the spanking.

The spanking was then succeeded by shaving the heads for men, and cutting the hair short for women.

The incident is now being investigated by the Shanxi Rural Credit Cooperatives Union.

Aside from the 2 of the bank's top management being suspended for allowing this to happen, the bank is eager to help the aggrieved trainees to receive compensation for what they had to go through.

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Many netizens react after seeing the video online questioning the kind of professional practices Chinese companies employ.

Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblog, is bombarded with outraged netizens taking it out on Mr. Jiang especially since the latter's video apology was focused more on apologizing to the bank officials rather than the victims of this inexcusable abuse.

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