Leni reacts to Duterte’s rejection

Leni reacts to Duterte’s rejection

- The camp of Vice President-elect Maria Leonora “Leni” Robredo previously expressed its desire to have a joint inauguration with President-elect Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte

- The camp of Duterte did not give in to Robredo’s request

-  Robredo showed her true heart and genuineness of character as a leader by respecting Duterte’s decision

Leni reacts to Duterte’s rejection

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Vice president-elect Maria Leonor "Leni" Robredo just revealed to the nation and incoming President Duterte the innate characteristics of a leader in her: intelligent, patient and strong.

It took place when the unexpected (or not) happened: the long-time mayor of Davao City announced that he does not want a joint inauguration with her. It is as if he wants to tell her “You may have won the vice-presidential seat, but working with you is not one of my interests.”

What if they exchanged shoes? What if it was Duterte who wants a joint inauguration and Robredo rejected the invite? How would the iron-fisted, crime-busting and provocative leader react?

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Basing it on his previous pronouncements, Duterte would have said something like, “@#$% niya! Ako na nga nag-imbita. f$%^ her!”

Robredo, of course, did not respond like that.

Her team just released a statement that read “While we have been preparing for a joint inauguration, we respect their decision and will begin our own preparations for a simple and modest ceremony.”

It was the best move. It showed neither a sign of revenge nor a hint of resentment.  No underlying intent to condemn. It was just plan, simple, and respectful.

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Analysts said that she could have stressed on the alarming message that separate inaugurations give to the nation.

Robredo did not, because she knew that the spotlight is not on her, but on Duterte. He is currently on a stellar disposition. Being the next president of the country, he is surely ecstatic and feeling powerful. Duterte has all the right and power to set the tone of the start of his six-year term.

Robredo’s team intelligently remained above so much pettiness that arose after the election. An issue as this is not where they are focused. They look forward to battles worthy of their attention.

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For her, the next six years will be a complicated harmonizing act.

She must be ready to stand behind and celebrate Duterte’s policies and agendas that direct to the kind of chief executive he promises be: a strong pro-poor leader who would do anything in his ability to prioritize the interest of the country more than his own. And this would also affirm her vow to ensure the protection and support to the marginalized sectors in the country, what she calls as “laylayan ng lipunan”.

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