How dangerous commuting is for women in Manila

How dangerous commuting is for women in Manila

- Women have a difficult time commuting as they are open to several dangers

- Some of these include verbal and physical harassment

- It pays to be sure – the ladies should take caution whenever traveling

How dangerous commuting is for women in Manila

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Do you feel safe traveling to and from work, school, or simply for leisure in the metro? If not all, most would easily admit a strong ‘no’ without even thinking about it for a heartbeat. The terrible traffic with the hassle of lining up to ride the LRT or MRT sounds horrible as it is already, but to put one more factor in the equation – crime, it just made the situation a whole lot worse.

Cruel people no longer pick a time to commit crimes. It could be in the morning or the evening, whether you’re surrounded by a lot of people or alone – they strike anytime. How can you even have the comfort of thinking that you’re safe even if you’re driving in your own car, you’re prone to the possibility that someone might just crash your window with a stone?

1. Catcalling

This is probably the simplest form of harassment yet equally degrading and scary as the others. Ladies can’t even walk a good 10 meters in the streets of Manila without having someone whisper “ganda mo naman, miss” to their ears. Others take it up a notch, asking for numbers and asking for disgusting requests, “pa-kiss naman, ate.”

The female population could not stress it enough – catcalling is not a compliment.

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2. Even being in a public vehicle makes them feel violated

It is common knowledge that there are perverts in almost any public vehicle you can ride, but it should not be considered a common practice to feel up ladies in these places.

A train ride entails some men sticking their bodies too close for comfort, taking advantage of the rush hour situation sometimes. Others even pretend to be sleeping at the bus while having their hands (hidden by their backpack) do the roaming for them. There were even several cases where creeps outside the jeepney reached over through the window and groped a lady’s chest, while some even had the decency to do themselves during a ride.

It was only recently when 2 women were raped inside a UV Express van. Need to say more?

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How dangerous commuting is for women in Manila

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3. The fear of being robbed

Point taken that this does not only happen to women, however, they are more susceptible to such since they are thought of helpless and less likely to fight back compared to men.


As terrifying as it sounds, try not to abandon all hope and do your part in trying to avoid these scenarios. Approaching the situations with caution and a clear mind is best.

Keep your valuable in a safe place. Tuck your phone and other valuables inside your bag where you can easily check them. Do not flaunt them in public; it’s like dangling the last potato chip in front of a fat kid.

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Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid being absent-minded when commuting. If you suspect that someone has been following you, stop by a convenience store or some place with plenty of people and a security guard. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

If possible, travel in groups. You have minimal chances of being a target when you’re with several people. Plus, doesn’t it make you feel safer? However, in the off chance that it cannot be helped, inform someone of your route and carry a pepper spray.

How dangerous commuting is for women in Manila

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