She did not notice her pregnancy almost untill giving birth

She did not notice her pregnancy almost untill giving birth

40-year-old Udona Hebert and her husband tried every possible way to get pregnant and finally have their own child. However, for the past 20 years, the doctors kept on telling them that they could not have children. To compensate the need of parenting, the couple even hosted foreign students.

This must be the most heartbreaking news that a couple can ever hear - they will never have children. And so, when Udona felt something weird in her body, she ignored it, became afraid, and even believed that she had tumor. The thought of being pregnant never crossed her mind. For months, Udona ignored her pregnancy symptoms.

“For a few months, I had been feeling something move in my stomach, but I of course thought of the worst and thought maybe it’s a tumor, and I didn’t want to tell anybody,” Udona said. “I would say a prayer every night you know and say, ‘God, you’re more powerful than any medicine. Whatever your will, will be your will.”

One day, when she was vacuuming her house, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach that she had to lay down and rest. It was when her mother suggested that she take a pregnancy test. When the result came out, Udona could not believe it. She was hysterical that even her husband could not understand what she was saying. Then, they went for a check up and discovered that she's 33 weeks pregnant and almost ready to give birth. After four weeks, she gave birth to little Brooks Major. This is one of those moments where you can perfectly say that God is in control.

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