Filipinos' funny reactions to Taylor Swift dating Tom Hiddleston

Filipinos' funny reactions to Taylor Swift dating Tom Hiddleston

These memes and posts about Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston will make you laugh out loud!

A few weeks ago, it has been confirmed that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have separated. Just like with her previous relationships, the country singer usually writes songs or albums about her exes.

She has written songs dedicated to Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, and many more so fans are expecting for her to release a new album dedicated to her ex Calvin Harris.

Filipinos' funny reactions to Taylor Swift dating Tom Hiddleston

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Late last week, however, photos of Taylor and British actor Tom Hiddleston surfaced online. Fans had mixed reactions on seeing the two kissing on the beach, just a few weeks after her breakup.

Some netizens have called her as the “Patron Saint of Moving On," well, because she does move on quite fast.

Facebook User Peter Paul Vizcaya placed Taylor Swift as an apparition in a photo featuring Sagada. Sagada is a place where tourists can go and shout all of their problems (especially love woes) so they can move on. The place have been flocked with tourists because it was featured in ABSCBN’s teleserye Forevermore” and the rom-com movie “That Thing Called Tadhana.”

There’s also a meme who used her viral photos and placed lyrics to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” They also replaced the word ‘Lucky’ with ‘Loki’ because Tom played as Thor’s adoptive brother in the Marvel films.

Some netizens didn’t approve of Taylor dating Tom Hiddleston so quickly. They made a meme expressing their disapproval by using Thor’s line in the movie: “Loki No!”

They also made a pun on the word “Avenger” and replaced it with “Abanger” implying that Tom Hiddleston was waiting for Taylor to be single again just so he can date her.

Someone tweeted that there are three things in the Philippines that are slower than Taylor Swift.

Mcdonald’s Philippines has also swiftly joined in on the fun!  

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