Alleged police officer threatens anti-Marcos leader

Alleged police officer threatens anti-Marcos leader

- Zena Bernardo, leader of an online community has received a death threat for her criticisms against Duterte’s stand on Marcos burial issue

- The threat came from an alleged Police Officer Juvic Gultiano Pedotin

- Zen Bernardo will pursue legal actions against the one who posted the threat

In the recent months, the social media has become a platform for different individuals to be vocal about their political stances, even to the extent of directly clashing against another person. The debate has also taken the form of ad hominem (attack against the person) slurs, rather than a debate on substance.

Online community leader, Zena Bernardo Bernardo has been at the receiving end of death threats after her vocal criticism against president-elect Duterte’s stand on the issue of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani.

Despite criticisms, the president-elect has always been adamant in defending his decision because he believes that it will eventually result to healing and unity among Filipinos.

Alleged police officer threatens anti-Marcos leader

Screengrab from the Facebook page of Zena Bernardo Bernardo shows the alleged threat of a certain Juvic Gultiano Pedotim on the anti-Marcos campaigner. Pedotim’s post (right) appeared on the thread showing a photo post of Bernardo (left). ZENA BERNARDO BERNARDO FACEBOOK SCREENGRAB

The threat came from an identified Juvic Gultiano Pedotin, a police officer according to Bernardo. The photos in Pedotin’s Instagram account validated Bernardo’s claim.

Pedotin’s comment was posted on June 18, and was directed to Bernardo’s updates on the Marcos burial issue. The comment reads, “Bangkay ni Zena Bernardo Bernardo… Bibitayin pa!” (Zena Bernardo Bernardo’s corpse… will still be executed!)

Bernardo has replied to Pedotin’s comment, “Fair warning to all diehard Marcos and Duterte operators and supporters… We have endured your bashing, foul words and violent threats. You continue to poison the core values of society. Let me warn you that we do not stand helpless. If you can crack down on us, we can crack down on you.”

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The online community leader has then asked for legal assistance, but she said that she would first file a complaint against the police officer at the internal affairs of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Camp Crame.

This was not the first time that an activist was virtually harassed by social media users. Earlier this year, Stephen Villena, a UPLB student who allegedly disrespected the incoming President Duterte during a forum, also received death threats.

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