Escudero Most Preferred VP Bet to Win; Marcos Least Liked – SWS Survey

Escudero Most Preferred VP Bet to Win; Marcos Least Liked – SWS Survey



The latest Bilang Pilipino - Social Weather Stations (SWS) Mobile Survey released Tuesday (April 5) showed Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero leading the vice presidential race and Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos as the least liked vice presidential bet to win in the next national elections.


The survey of March 31 placed Escudero at the top of the vice presidential race with 31% voter preference. Statistically-tied at the second place are Bongbong Marcos with 26% and Leni “Daang Matuwid” Robredo with 25%. Alan Peter Cayetano is at third place with 13%. Antonio Trillanes IV and Gringo Honasan are far behind with 3% and 1%, respectively.

Geographically, Escudero is ahead in Balance Luzon with a score of 38 percent, while Marcos topped Metro Manila with 32 percent. Robredo got both Visayas and Mindanao with 38 percent and 24 percent respectively, making her the most preferred vice presidential bet in those two major geographic divisions.

Among economic classes, Robredo was 3 points ahead of Marcos with 31 percent in class ABC, and 5 points ahead of Escudero in class E with 31 percent. Escudero topped in class D with 32 percent.

When asked, “Whom among the candidates for VICE PRESIDENT of the PHILIPPINES you MOST NOT LIKE TO WIN? (Choose one),” 22% of the respondents answered Bongbong Marcos. Antonio Trillanes IV and Gringo Honasan came in at second with 13 percentage points each; Leni Robredo had 7%; Alan Peter Cayetano and Chiz Escudero got 6% each. The plurality of 33% didn’t know.

As a response to the same question, Marcos was most mentioned in the Visayas (24%), Balance Luzon (23%) and Mindanao (18%). He is also the most mentioned candidate (19%) together with Trillanes (18%) in Metro Manila.

The respondents were also asked: “What is the possibility that you will change your mind regarding whom you will vote for as VIE-PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES in the coming elections?” Majority of the respondents (59%) said that they definitely will not change their mind. 22 percent probably have decided already, 14 percent can still easily change their minds, and 5 percent didn’t know.

According to a statement in the SWS website, the Bilang Pilipino-SWS Mobile Survey “uses a nationally representative sample of 1,200 validated voters.” It added: “A validated voter is a registered voter whose biometrics have been captured digitally… by the VRM.”


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