11 Things you should NEVER look up on Google

11 Things you should NEVER look up on Google

Editor's note: The images related to the keywords in this article are graphic in nature and may be disturbing to some viewers. Look them up at your own risk.

When we say never look them up on Google, we really mean NEVER. Even in our desire to learn everything, there are just some things that are better left unknown.

The advent of the information age has truly revolutionized the world. We used to spend hours in libraries on researching on certain topics but can do it now in a matter of minutes. We used to have to snail mail our loved ones and wait for days for your mail to be sent but can communicate now in a matter of seconds.

It's definitely just a better, fast-paced and convenient world having the internet around where you can just type in search engines absolutely anything you want to know and find out.

Search engines are now important life tools we all must learn to take advantage of. You can find everything you want to know from learning the meaning of words to easy steps of baking a cake to searching for the funniest videos online.

However, the ability to search for anything has its horrors too. There simply are things on the internet that once you see, you can never go back from. There are things that will change your lives in ways we cannot begin to describe. Things that make you question other people's and your own sanity, things that will shock you, things that will make you cringe, and things you simply cannot un-see.

Here they are:

1. Blue waffle

You might probably expect a blue mouth watering delicious waffle but you're dead wrong.

11 Things you should NEVER look up on Google

(Photo credit: youtube)

Google Blue Waffle and you're sure to find the most disturbing images. These graphic images that you will find may get you wondering the sort of things these women does and may even cause you to re-examine just how kinky you want to be, or you'll be remembering blue waffles for some time.

2. Marcos

If you are expecting to find the Philippines’ former president, then sorry to disappoint but you have to be a bit more specific in the keywords that you use. You can try attaching the following words: dead dictator, stolen wealth, thief or best president of the Philippines.

11 Things you should NEVER look up on Google

(Photo credit: marcosfranchising)

11 Things you should NEVER look up on Google

(Photo credit: marcosfranchising)

11 Things you should NEVER look up on Google

(Photo credit: bellator.spike)

11 Things you should NEVER look up on Google

(Photo credit: sherdog)

If you are not specific then the first thing that will appear is a pizza restaurant and probably a boxer named Marcos Galvao. If you hit the image button, well… you’ll find something else…

3. 2 girls 1 cup

90's babies in their high school know about this very controversial video. If you're a big fan of chocolate sundae, it probably won't be a good idea to watch this video.

See this guy's reaction and be deterred from looking it up.

4. Pain Olympics

Pain Olympics is actually an online competition where entrants participate by inflicting pain to themselves. If you follow the Pain Olympics and watch the videos of participants, you will be shocked by the lengths people are willing to go just to compete.

11 Things you should NEVER look up on Google

(Photo credit: deviantart)

And there you have the funny one.

5. Bed bugs on mattresses

11 Things you should NEVER look up on Google

(Photo credit: forbes.com)

Image search these keywords and you will find yourself wanting to get a new bed. You might have thought bed bugs aren't real or at the very least harmless but that will all change once you search these photos.

6. Lemon party

You might think that you've seen so much on the internet that you've developed a better vitality and can take on different kinds of porn genres. The lemon party may not be as explicit as the others but I'm pretty sure no soul is ever prepared for this threesome.

Yes, the mad editing skills needed to be unleashed for this one.

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7. Skin conditions

You're probably thinking of skin conditions like rashes or even burnt skin. Those things aren't even half of what you'll see when you search for "skin conditions" on Google.

11 Things you should NEVER look up on Google

(Photo credit: democraticunderground)

It will show up the most disgusting images that includes photos of the disturbing skin conditions on the planet that will surely make you lose your appetite for nothing less than a week at the very least.

8. 4 girls fingerpaint

The makers of 2 girls 1 cup for some unknown reason have decided to make another equally disgusting video. 4 girls fingerpaint shows 4 girls actually finger-painting each other's bodies using her ... well... let's just call them excrements.

If this reaction video does not deter you, I am not sure what will, so go ahead, look it up.

9. Tub girl

You will probably skip dinner after searching for these keywords. It's basically a girl in a tub who showers with something I am sure you'll never use when taking a shower. What else could it be? The answer - her very own excrement. Ugh... Ick!

If you're brave enough, go check it out.

10. Meat spin

Meat spin is definitely one of the best online pranks you can do to a friend. If you're nice enough, you'd probably warn them to watch it alone or to lower the volume, but if you're one true bestfriend, you'll want to get your friend real good.

11. Trypophobia

This term is actually just coined by an internet user in an online forum in 2005. It isn't really the actual name of the diagnosis but it refers to one irrational fear... of holes. A lot of people didn't know they had this fear until photos came out on the internet.

Just google search "Trypophobia" and you'll see what we're talking about.

Now that you know what these keywords are, are you still curious and brave enough to actually look them up on Google? Are you ready to have your world turned around?

If you value your sound sleep at night, your appetite, your innocence, and your love for chocolate ice cream, we urge you to let go of the keyboard, close the browser, and stay away from these keywords!

Trust us, you can go on living your life without seeing these things but we cannot promise you won't go around wondering whether you should have looked them up and becoming restlessly curious about it. A lot of your friends are probably going to talk about it too. Your call!

If you are absolutely curious, check out this video:

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