Baste and Sara, on growing up with Digong

Baste and Sara, on growing up with Digong

- Sara shared that she and her father have a ‘love-hate relationship’

- Digong would patrol around Davao City at night driving a taxi

- Baste admitted that he idolizes his father


In this Father’s Day special, the children of President-elect Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte share their experiences growing up with their tough-talking, crime-busting father.

Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio, Davao City’s incoming mayor, and Sebastian ‘Baste’ Duterte have been thrust into the limelight more as their father will become the 16th president of the Philippines on June 30.

In a social media post over months ago, Sara shared a photo of her young self and her father during her recognition day. She claimed that Digong was always present in the yearly event despite his busy schedule.

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She said that her father repeatedly told them that “education is everything.” Despite the high regard Digong has on education, he did not pressure his children to be on top.

There was a particular instance that Sara wanted to cry over her difficulty in one of her subjects in law school. Instead of calling her mother, she decided to talk to her father. She knew that she would just make her mother worry, and she was desperate to talk to a lawyer. Her father was surprised about her call, and she revealed that they rarely communicated because of their love-hate relationship.

She was speechless when she heard his voice over the phone. He inquired her about her location, only to reply with a howl resembling that of a wounded wolf. Her response frightened her father, prompting him to ask more questions. Their conversation got to a point where she was already laughing, until she finally admitted her reason for calling.

Instead of sympathizing with her, Digong told her that crying would not solve her problem and should just go back to studying.

Sara said that his words reassured her,  as her father was not one for comforting words or ‘baby bunny stories’.

Later on, she heard that her father cried when he found out she passed the bar examinations.

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On the other hand, the youngest Duterte sibling shared that his father was a ‘strict disciplinarian’. When he was a Grade 2 student, he made a fuss over his prized damang (spider). The young Baste thought that his pet was missing, only to find out that their housekeeper released it. His crying woke Digong and the poor boy got called to his father’s room to be punished.

Baste revealed that his father did not like to be disturbed in the mornings, since he had trouble falling asleep at night. The Duterte patriarch is known for being a nocturnal person, and has already proclaimed that his presidential office hours would start after lunch until late evening.

The youngest Duterte sibling also shared that there were nights his father would check what was happening in the city by driving around in a taxi.

Another amusing recollection Baste shared was that he previously sold three sacks’ worth of plaques from Digong’s collection. His father’s reaction was different from what he expected, since Digong was amused of his action instead of getting angry with him. This incident led Baste to open a junk shop in Davao City.

He admitted that life with his family is ‘not necessarily a feel-good story’ but claimed that he harbored no ill feelings for his father. He even declared that he idolized his father during the thanksgiving party in Cebu two weeks ago. His father was reportedly teary-eyed as he continued his praises.

There are no others who are already contented with the love from their friends and family but for him fulfillment means his job. He wants to accomplish something that would benefit everyone.”

Now a father himself, Baste shared that he loves seeing his children fall asleep on Digong’s chest.

He calmly talks to them, telling them to be a good person when they grow up,” he said.

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