7 sports dads and their athletic kids

7 sports dads and their athletic kids

Athletes are revered for their hard work, willpower, and courage. They are certainly an inspiration for us all.


But before they are heroes to us, they are heroes to their children. These athletes are steadfast in their commitment to teach their kids to strive for excellence, brush off setbacks and aim for victory.

Here are seven well-known sports personalities who aced it - not just as athletes, but as dads as well.

1. Benjie Paras and his son, UCLA player Kobe Paras

7 sports dads and their athletic kids

photo credit: www.philstar.com

Both father and son are awesome basketball players - and some believe that Kobe's already surpassed his own father in the sport! Kobe first garnered worldwide attention as the 15-year-old kid who dunked over LeBron James during a warm-up session at the NBA superstar's Nike Manila Tour last 2013.

Kobe is currently studying in the US - a longtime dream of his, his father reveals. Although he has not taken part in a regular high school tournament in the US, he's turned heads with his exemplary performance in a few games here and there. Benjie hopes his son can stay true to his path and refuse to be carried away by the hype his skills have created

2. Alvin Patrimonio and his UAAP tennis player daughters Clarice and Christine Patrimonio

7 sports dads and their athletic kids

photo credit: rubycomm.wordpress.com

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The Patrimonio's sister act has charmed tennis fans all around the Philippines! Back when the both of them were exclusively into tennis, many believed that the sisters would become two of Asia's next sports superstars. They started training when they were still in grade school, and eventually continued to do so in Spain, which is known for producing some of the world's greatest tennis players.

Clarice and Christine have different strengths as tennis players - while Clarice relies on brute force, power, and domination to win a match, Christine relies on her wits and endurance, since she does not have the physical attributes that make Clarice excel.

3. Alvin Teng and his sons Jeric and Jeron Teng

7 sports dads and their athletic kids

photo credit: www.gmanetwork.com

You're bound to have heard of these guys, or maybe seen them facing it off on TV - Alvin's sons aren't just blessed with good looks, but with great leadership skills and basketball prowess as well!

Alvin is a former San Miguel Beer ace player. As you can see in the picture, Jeron and Jeric are enrolled in different universities - Jeron is a De La Salle Green Archer, while Jeric is a University of Santo Tomas Growling Tiger. Despite any intense rivalries they may have on court, at the end of the day they say they're still the best of brothers, no matter what the outcome of the game may have been.

4. Bong Ravena and his Ateneo Blue Eagles sons, Kiefer and Thirdy Ravena

7 sports dads and their athletic kids

photo credit: 8list.ph


We don't get to see Thirdy as much as we see Kiefer due to off-court problems, but he's still pretty well-known for the YouTube videos of his basketball moves and his individual athlete awards as part of the Ateneo Blue Eagles team. The brothers were avid basketball players ever since high school.

The entire Ravena family is really into sports - in fact, they embrace sports as a way of life. It's helped bring them closer together and bond under the unique experience that sports offers.

5. B-ball legend Caloy Loyzaga and his sons, former Ginebra players Chito and Joey Loyzaga

7 sports dads and their athletic kids


While many believe that Caloy's sons have been unable to shine as brightly as he did in his heyday, Chito and Joey are still a force to reckon all on their own.

Their late father would definitely have been proud of their successes. Just last year, Chito was appointed as the Athletics Director of National University for their Bulldogs sports program, and Joey currently continues to play professional basketball in the Philippine Basketball Association.

6. Former PBA Best Import Bobby Parks and son, NBA D-leaguer Ray Parks

7 sports dads and their athletic kids

photo credit: www.interaksyon.com

A few years ago, Bobby passed away because of cancer. However, he made good use of his time before his death to raise a star player - his son, Ray Parks. A two-time UAAP MVP who played for the National University Bulldogs, Ray is currently in the US to pursue his dream of making it into the NBA.

We're rooting for you, Ray!

7. Freddie Webb and son, former PBA player and now coach Jason Webb

7 sports dads and their athletic kids

photo credit: entertainment.inquirer.net

Jason Webb, formerly a basketball player, is now the head coach of the Star Hotshots of the Philippine Basketball Association. He used to play collegiate basketball for the De La Salle Green Archers, and after he graduated he played for Stag/Tanduay in the Philippine Basketball League.

As you can see in the picture, good looks run in the family. It won't be a surprise if Jason crosses over - and maybe even succeeds! - in showbiz.

Have we missed any inspirational father-children athletes? Let us know in the comments below! Happy Father's Day!


Source: Kami.com.ph

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