Cebu drug lord shot dead

Cebu drug lord shot dead

Policemen shot dead suspected drug lord Jeffrey "Jaguar" Diaz last Friday night. Diaz, a notorious drug lord in Cebu, was killed in a police operation in Las Pinas city.

Supt. Rex Derilo of the Regional Intelligence Division (RID) in Central Visayas said that it was not their intention to kill Diaz, but to investigate him and arrest him. Diaz was also not the prime target that Derilo's group was investigating when they went to Luzon.

Two birds, one stone

Derilo explained that the reason their group was in the National Capital Region was because they were conducting surveillance operations on Alvaro "Baroc" Alvaro, the number one drug lord in Cebu province. Alvaro has a pending arrest warrant for violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

It was a lucky coincidence, said Derilo, that Diaz and Alvaro were together. According to their intelligence reports, Diaz and Alvaro are often seen together though they don't stay in one location for more than an hour.

"We found that Baroc always went with Jaguar in so many occasions. They saw each other quite often although Jaguar moved from one place to another. He didn’t stay in one location longer than an hour," he said in a radio interview in radio station dySS.

Following the trail

Derilo's RID and Regional Special Operations Group - Central Visayas chief Superintendent George Ylana trailed Diaz and Alvaro, who rode in a Toyota Fortuner. The driver was also an alleged drug courier from Cebu City.

Derilo was coordinating with the Las Pinas city policemen for the arrest of the two drug personalities. They lost track of Alvaro while they were in transit, while Diaz was still in the vehicle.

"Nalipat mi. (We didn't see Baroc get out of the vehicle)," he said.

The attempted arrest

Afterwards, the Las Pinas city policemen flagged down and approached the drug lord's Fortuner. Sensing a possible arrest, Diaz disembarked from the vehicle and tried to shoot at the incoming policemen. The police returned fire and engaged Diaz in a shootout. Diaz was eventually fatally shot and died.

Police recovered from Diaz a Bushmash M4 firearm and several fake identification cards with his picture on it but using "Christian" as an alias along with different family names.



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