Belmonte: City Admin misled the public on VP office

Belmonte: City Admin misled the public on VP office

- Belmonte and QC Mayor Bautista agreed to offer the Boracay Mansion to Leni

- City Administrator Aldrin Cuña was reportedly against Robredo staying at the mansion

- Cuña's information on the property was dated

Fellow Liberal Party (LP) member and Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte stated that City Administrator Aldrin Cuña’s statements were inaccurate, right after the news of Quezon City Mayor Herbert ‘Bistek’ Bautista’s ignorance of the Boracay Mansion offer was released earlier today.

In a public Facebook post, she shared that Cuña was the one unhappy with their boss’s decision to offer the Quezon City Reception House to incoming vice president Leni Robredo. Belmonte said that the city administrator ‘verbally manifested many times’ that Robredo was not his vice presidential pick.

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She also reported that the data Cuña presented were outdated, pointing out that he could have sought for updates from the agencies involved in the property.  The city administrator said that the Reception House was still incomplete, which meant that the rate for the lease cannot be agreed on yet.

Belmonte also asserted that ‘numerous high level city officials’ can attest to her claims along with the concerned agencies, such as the engineering department and the Commission on Audit (COA).

Belmonte: City Admin misled the public on VP office

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In fact, Bautista was ‘very happy’ to lease the property to Robredo and found it an honor to ‘host the second highest official in the country’. Belmonte said that her boss has been reminding her to hurry the drafting of the lease.

On Wednesday, June 18, a resolution authorizing Bautista to enter into a contract with the Office of the Vice President (OVP) has passed on first reading. The resolution is hopefully approved in the next two readings, which will resume on Monday, June 20. It will also be the last session day of outgoing council members.

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In the interest of truth and integrity in public service, I categorically reiterate my boss’ support for VP Leni’s use of the QC Reception House as her office…

This support is without reservation, and the offer was made with his full knowledge consent and encouragement. I condemn all acts that mislead the public. As the saying goes: ‘we must fight lies with truth,’” her post ended.

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