4 reasons Duterte may be the best PH president

4 reasons Duterte may be the best PH president

- There are reasons why incoming President Rodrigo Duterte has become the most popular candidate in the recently concluded Philippine elections.

- Duterte's qualities may be brash, but they have been both unique and endearing, especially to the masses. 

- His hyperbolic promises have been gotten him the people's attention - in both good and bad ways - but his track records validate his skills.

Lots of criticisms could be thrown at President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. The critics point out that the incoming president is excessively rude, violent, disrespectful, aggressive and tactless. Various sectors also criticize Duterte for the contradictory and hyperbolic promises and statements he made during his campaign.

4 reasons Duterte may be the best PH president

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But despite these criticisms, Duterte actually has the potential to become the greatest Philippine President in history. Here are some of the reasons why.

If you happen to visit Davao City or have a talk with its residents, you will notice immediately that there is something very different about the city which Duterte has been a mayor of for many years: the people are disciplined.

In Davao City, people follow the curfew hours; men do not go shirtless in public; nobody smokes in public areas; drinkers avoid alcohol at certain periods of time; motorists drive slowly and they also follow the traffic rules.

If Duterte could implement that Davao City discipline nationwide, the country will be a much better place for everyone.

Aside from having disciplined residents, Davao City is also a safe city. As a matter of fact, it has been named as the fourth safest city in the world, just behind Abu Dhabi in UAE, Lugano in Switzerland, and Marbella in Spain.

Critics point out that the peace and order in Davao City were brought about by vigilante-style killings of criminals and other human rights violations masterminded by the mayor himself. However, these allegations have not been supported by solid evidence.

If we give Duterte the benefit of the doubt and cooperate with him, he might just be able to restore peace and order in a country where crime, drugs and corruption have become rampant.

Let us just hope that his statements about killing criminals and other forms of extrajudicial killings are nothing but hyperbole, because attaining peace and order through unconstitutional means is not worth it.

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Duterte is a PR nightmare. The incoming president is rude, foul-mouthed and insensitive by his own admission. Because of his controversial personality and behavior, Duterte has drawn countless criticisms and negative remarks.

However, Duterte does not care about his image. He also does not care about being politically correct. He does not care who he will offend with his actions and remarks.

A president who is not afraid to be hated by everyone in order to do what is right for the country might just be what the Philippines needs right now. Let us just pray that Duterte knows what is actually right for the country.

Politicians are well-known for being selfish and corrupt. They are called public servants but a majority of them are perceived by the people as self-serving criminals. Politicians are usually seen by the public as people who only care about their own lives, well-being and family wealth.

However, there are still a few politicians in the country who ran for the job not to have a better life but to actually serve the Filipino people. Many believe that one of those few men is Duterte.

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Love him or hate him, it is difficult for anybody to deny that Duterte lives a simpler life than most politicians. The incoming president has also said repeatedly that he is not afraid to die for the Filipino people.

Based on his accomplishments, political record and way of life, Duterte seems to be speaking the truth.

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