NPA Mindanao declares war on drugs, to follow due process

NPA Mindanao declares war on drugs, to follow due process

The President-elect has won a new ally in its war against drugs in the form of the New People’s Army (NPA) – Mindanao.

The NPA – Mindanao has recently declared a war on drugs. The declaration comes with an assurance that they would follow due process in dealing with drug lords and offenders.

NPA Mindanao declares war on drugs, to follow due process

According to the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) spokesperson Efren Akasato, the NPA’s decision is an effort to put a halt to drug trafficking as it has begun to reach communities that are referred to as guerrilla bases.

Aksasato said that the guerrillas will undergo due process. in revolutionary courts and punish them if found guilty. He added that the death penalty will be the punishment for guilty individuals. Like the normal due process, the drug suspects will be able to defend themselves through their lawyers.

“But if the court will find them guilty beyond reasonable doubt, then they will definitely face death penalty,” said Aksasato. He added that there will be no exemptions.

Aksasato furthermore revealed that they have the guerrillas have not caught any “big fish” as of present; however, they do have in their custody a number of drug pushers and users that come from rebel territories.

Before taking their fight against drugs a step higher, the guerrillas have already been imposing punishment on drug lords and offenders. Among these are the “community arrest” and the “hard labor”.

Community arrest means the offender cannot leave the village and would be monitored by a “revolutionary council.” Hard labor, on the other hand, means offenders would have to pay for their offense by working for the community.

The spokesperson said that light penalties are part of the guerrillas’ campaign to educate the communities about the dangers of illegal drugs. These penalties, so far, have been effective.

As of present, the guerrillas have in their custody Chief Insp. Arnold Olgachena, police director of Governor Generoso town in Davao Oriental province. Olgachena has been linked to government officials and elites who are involved in the illegal trade.

While the NPA had offered to Duterte the release of Olgachena, the President-elect said that the officer’s fate is in their hands.


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