She found money on her car windshield. Next she does this...

She found money on her car windshield. Next she does this...

Thieves and swindlers have an endless list of methods to still our property. One wrong move can result in you losing both a car and your life in a matter of seconds.

Today’s car alarms are way harder to crack since they’re equipped with reliable systems assuring a high level of security. However, thieves and racers don’t sit on their hands figuring out new ways to commit a crime.

Imagine you’ve parked near the store, went shopping, got back loaded with stuff, put all bags in the trunk, started the car and saw a note of a big value under windscreen wipers.

What would you think? What a score! I’ve made a strike! But don’t get overexcited ... It's just a cunning trick to steal your car. The note is placed there, so that you would have to get out of the car to take it. Such incidents often occur in parking lots and near garages with cars front trunk to the wall, which makes it difficult to see the note until you drive off. You notice money and get out of the car while it’s started, and the cheater jumps behind the wheel quickly fading away. You won’t even be able to keep the track of your transport since everything happens fast and unexpectedly.

A similar story happened with the new mom Kyri Viehman from United States. Having shopped for Christmas, the woman was on her way back from the store when she noticed a banknote under the wipers. Her first guess was that someone made her a surprise for the holiday (and what would you have thought being her?).

She found money on her car windshield. Next she does this...

Kyri Viehman">

She stopped, got out and took the note from the windshield, but soon realized it was a fake. It even said, “Haw-haw! You thought it's real, did you?” Fortunately, Kyri noticed money while driving, not when getting in the car. It’s unthinkable what could have happened if the woman had acted differently, because she was driving with her year-old son sleeping in the back seat.

All drivers and passengers should be careful and remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Be immune to those who chip at human’s secret desires and don’t let them manipulate you and your family.


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